Redo: “The Great Unknown”

(Photo cred via Instagram: @andrewjgolesch)

Hello internets!

Last February I embarked on a fitness journey (that is when I originally started this blog and began writing about my journey), it was really exciting, and I was sure it would be “the” time that I finally achieved my goals. I felt great, empowered, healthy. That journey has led me to where I am today.

… Back at mile marker zero. It’s sad, I agree.

But as we know from experience, one of the best parts about life, and what leads to success is that even if and when you screw up you can always dust yourself off and try again!

There may be a lot of dust, but I’m one of those disturbingly relentless people that never gives up. To a fault actually, it’s a blessing and a curse! This feels different tho, in fact I know it’s different. Recently my life has been changing. There’s a lot of unknowns swirling about, and that’s scary but that’s also beautiful.

As of October 2nd I’ll find myself in the midst of a unique opportunity. Thanks to my best friend, my biggest supporter, my partner in crime, my greatest love… I get to live out my aspirations and focus on my family, myself, and my goals πŸ’―

I hope if you’re reading this, that you’ll stick around for my shenanigans, I may not know everything there is to know about blogging, but I’m a quick learner. What I do know, is how to knock out a killer workout, and eat fantastic/healthy foods (if only I could do it more often then not!). So ya. Envision, plan, execute.

1. 2. 3… Go go go!

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