Fit For Fall Challenge

Over the years one of the things that has always kept me going (even when I’ve lost track and diverged from my path) is the duo known as Katrina and Karena of Tone It Up– besties till the end who have built a community full of aspiring women that all want the same things. To be health, confident and feel good in their own skin.

I had been following them for years, probably going on 4 now, and at first I lost a good 10-15 pounds on their workout and clean eating program. But life has intervened several times and I haven’t paid any attention to their weekly workout routines, or their nutrition guide. About 3 times per year they put together these amazing programs, like “Bikini Series” or “Love Your Body” or “Fit For Fall” and they post weekly schedules, weekly giveaways etc. But this years fall challenge was a little different!

Every challenge has a theme, and this is the best one yet! These two and the whole Tone It Up community will be rallying together for charities. For me this is very special, I haven’t always had time to volunteer or donate money (I’ve always worked a lot and used to be in college at the same time so it was always a struggle). But recently I have been finding myself pondering on my deeper accomplishments… how am I being the change I wish to see? So this challenge is right up my alley! Last week they announced what the challenge would entail, and also introduced their followers to Charity Miles a free mobile app that allows you to pick the charity of your choosing and run/walk for company sponsored donations- for every mile, a sponsoring company will donate .25 cents to whatever cause you have chosen. Literally all you have to do is run or walk (or bike for .10 earned per mile). Rad right? It tracks your miles and money earned. What a great way to get in some miles and help other right? (check them out Charity Miles)

Anyway, I love these girls and aspire to be at least half as fit and healthy as they are! Check them out, and remember to get those sneaker out and hit the pavement or treadmill! The challenge officially starts tomorrow!

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