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I think it’s been about a month since I’ve blogged so it feels like a good time to update on my progress. Although I haven’t followed the Fit For Fall ChallengeΒ like I thought I might, I’ve had my own thing going on and have been working my tail off both physically and mentally.

Since September 28th, I’ve been dedicated to my goals and have lost 10 pounds as of this morning (yes that’s less than a month), so I’m super excited to see if I lose any more weight in the next week!

I’ve spent the last several weeks doing a combination of weight training, cardio, twice daily meal replacement protein shakes, and weekly cleanses (all paired with eating healthier meals and reducing alcohol intake to almost none). Although I’m going to stop doing the weekly cleanses and daily protein shakes after next week, I will continue to follow my own meal plan and keep the alcohol at bay for the most part. Can’t believe how much better I feel since I haven’t been overindulging in every consumable thing possible.

“Cleanse Day Wednesday” makes me insane, I’m not going to lie. The amount of willpower I have gained alone, makes this process worthwhile. I don’t feel like there is anything I can’t or won’t say no to anymore. Cleansing and a couple recent Bikram Yoga sessions have taught me that I’m pretty much a winner in the game of willpower. I like being uncomfortable, and agree it is in the uncomfortable spaces in life that we grow and learn to flourish the most.

I’d love to hear from others who are going through a life altering transition like myself, so leave a comment or email to share your successes, it’s always so motivating to see others reaching their goals!

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