New month = Fresh Opportunities!

Hello November!

I always love when a new month rolls around, especially November… it’s my favorite. I love the cooler temperatures and that crispness in the air. The leaves put on their last show before beginning the process of rebirth. I like that.

With the turn of the month, I’ve been looking back at some of my goals and although I’m happy with the progress I’ve made  since the end of Sept. there is still so much further I need to go. So I’m taking my goals to new heights this month. October was spent getting my initial goals together, testing the waters out and getting into the routine. This time around, I’m going at my workouts with full force! Started today with leg/booty day (my personal favorite) and will be doing leg/booty day every Monday and Thursday. It’s my “problem” area as it is so lovingly called by many people. On Sundays and Wednesdays, I’ll do 5k’s, and Tuesday and Saturday I’ll work in arms, back and abs. I’ve got this!

One of the things I’ve been really excited about is having a home gym to utilize. It may be small but it has all the essentials. Heres a small photo tour:

IMG_4352We started off with a used treadmill, then my guy added an inspirational wall decal!

IMG_4350Then we had a friend get in touch with us about his bench and barbell weight set that he didn’t use, so we bought that from him for practically nothing! Yay!

IMG_4348Then, Kris (my bf) decided it wouldn’t be a real gym without wall mirrors… plus more inspirational decal action (The man literally thinks of every detail!)

IMG_4353He then brought home the Bosu ball I’ve been wanting forever, and a calendar to keep track of workouts, as well as an area to post up our measurements etc. We already had the punching bag thing, which is nice to have around.

And what workout area would be complete without a TV/DVD..IMG_4349IMG_4351We recently added these adjustable dumbbells and now a 15 lb kettle bell (I love this Kettle Bell so much!)

We also have a few yoga mats, some lighter dumbbells (10, 5, 3 lb), a foam roller, jump ropes, resistance bands, pull up bar, and a bunch of workout DVD’s. It’s been a lot of fun, and honestly aside from a few pieces of equipment I feel like I can get just as good of a workout in there as I can at the gym and is much more convenient. Both Kris and I still use our gym (24 hr fitness) bit it’s nice to just roll out of bed and get it done, or do a quick workout after dinner (gotta get those Daily Double in!).

Aside from all that, Halloween was a lot of fun. I did let loose and enjoyed the party we threw, plus had fun at our friends birthday party the night before. We were both right back on our game tho. We’re both doing at least two-four more weeks of our meal replacement shakes and weekly nutritional cleanses, so I’m expecting to see a lot of results. Fingers are crossed. Snowboarding season is right around the corner and I intend on being able to have a great season and not be exhausted and uncomfortable while out on the slopes… plus we want to do Hawaii again in February. #goals

Till next time ✌🏼


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