Holiday Motivation

I was sitting here thinking about how neglectful I have been to this blog (and maybe, possibly my overall goals). I was definitely on a roll. Then *doom doom doom* holiday madness swooped in and whisked me away to Christmas land. Fortunately I haven’t totally sabotaged  everything, despite all the fun we’ve been having.

There was a time when we used to focus so intently on our health and fitness during the Holidays that nothing could deter us and the holidays were a time that we generally were more fit than any other time of the year. Not sure what happened this time around… the egg nog and Spanish coffee’s are definitely getting the best of me. The trip to Vegas this past weekend didn’t help either!

IMG_0652(Kris took me on a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas to celebrate our 11th anniversary- it was my first time in Vegas and we had a blast!)

Today has been oddly un-motivating, I think because Kris gave me 3 early Christmas gifts (snowboarding gear) and the pants didn’t fit, so he went out this morning and got a new pair and they also didn’t fit… that killed me. It’s disappointing. So this evening I’ve been reflecting on “motivation” and how my motivation is affected by the Holidays, and apparently the lack of progress I’ve made. I think I beat the funk… I took a look at my goals again to see where I am in reference to where I was when I made them, did they still make sense? I had to remind myself of what I’m doing. This isn’t a race, this is life… again, I refuse to beat myself up for fallbacks and hurdles. I love my life, but I realize I’m going to have to stop ADD’ing and work really hard to keep refocusing while life continues to through Spanish Coffee’s in my face. I’ll win!

New goal this week. The Tone It Up “Booty Call”- if you’ve never followed along with them, I feel bad for you (as I’ve said in post back in Oct.) This December they re-upped the Nutrition Plan. I haven’t followed it in about 2.5 years, so tomorrow I am going to re-print it and start following it again. I had lost a good 13-15 pounds back in 2013… why did I stop? I’m a glutton for punishment. And food!

Anyhow, the Booty Call means that I wake up and workout! Simple as that, first thing I need to do is workout. But since I have a plethora of time as of late, I’m throwing a mid day workout in too. I had to take it easy physically this week because Vegas and then a Snowboarding day left me with 5 blisters on my feet and aching quads, but tomorrow will definitely be my bitch!

Coming soon: Personal Intro. I realized I went straight at this blog with little info about me as a person  (including my embarrassing before and after photos which should be all the motivation I need!).

Goodnight world 🌎

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