Tone Up Thursday

It’s throwback Thursday, thirsty Thursday, tone up Thursday… thriving Thursday… lots of Thursday happening!

This Thursday has been full of the above. Definitely feeling better than yesterday’s “hum glum.” I was able to compete some toning and also about 1.5 miles of running… or light jogging (my left ankle is giving me issues today for an unknown reason). I completed 90% of my to-do list, aside from Christmas cookie baking and cleaning my car out. So I feel great!

As mentioned, here is a bit more “about me.”

What Can You Expect From Future Posts?Β Personal workouts, daily motivation, information sharing about topics related to health, clean eating, fitness and positive living. I may throw in some random stuff here and there! I’m all about sharing good vibes!

Age: 33 (as of 12/17/2015)

Hometown: Salem, OR (currently in the Portland metro area)

Height: A whopping 5′ 1″

Favorite Color: Green, pink, blue and red (ya sorry I’m fickle)

Favorites:Β Travel, new experiences, animals, shopping, fashion and makeup, fresh flowers, hiking and just being out in nature altogether. I’m also complete obsessed with snowboarding, and twinkling lights against the night sky… oh and long walks on the beach πŸ˜‚

Zodiac Sign: Gemini… yup!

Kids: Two. I’m a teen mom (I still get embarrassed to tell people). Isaiah was born when I was 16. He’s almost 18 now, and Allie was born when I was Β about 20 yrs old, she’s almost 15 now. Having kids as a teenager was not easy and has made life difficult, yet undeniably interesting!

Spouse: Not married, but Kris and I have been together since December 2004. We’re not hung up on paper or jewelry. I think it’s important to be married but I think it’s more important to be ready for the wedding each of us wants, to be focused on each other and not trying to proving something to others, to be determined to make it work forever, and not hurried to do it. I’ve been there and done that, and we’ve seen countless couples marry and divorce in the decade we’ve been together. If we’ve dedicated our lives to each other, it shouldn’t matter if it happens today or several years from now. No one on this planet loves more than him, gives more, is more kind and respectful. He’s my rock and my best friend!

Career: I was once a Health Care Administrator in long term care, spent 15 years in the field. Now I’m just a woman who’s enjoying life and the last years of my kids as total dependent people while seeking my true calling… whatever that may be! I have an education in electronics engineering/computer science and then later pursued Nursing so I have about 3 years of nursing sciences/biology and nutrition in addition to my degree. I’d love to get my personal training certificate just to have that paper under my belt as well, but I honestly feel like my extensive background in biology/nutrition is sufficient to guide me on my path.

Extrovert or Introvert: A bit of both. I’m not shy, I just often times would rather observe than partake and find that I know more about the people and places around me when I’m not too busy trying to gab it up, but in terms of my work I have to be around other people… which is why electronic engineering didn’t work out for me. I love helping others and making a difference first hand.

How does fitness fit in my life overall? I grew up active. Not really “athletic” in terms of sports… I can’t play a sport if my life depended on it. But I did track and field all through school and was even preparing for the USA track and field Olympic team before I got pregnant. I was always very thin, too thin (the day I went for my first pregnancy appointment I weighed in at 98 pounds and I was 15) and was made fun of all my life for being “anorexic” even though I wasn’t. I just really enjoyed running and working out, not because I needed to but because it felt good! Even after two kids I was a size zero until I was 24. So it was quiet shocking when I suddenly began to gain weight. The weight gain was slow though, overall and wasn’t until the last few years (when I got close to 30 yrs old) that I just kept piling on weight despite my efforts. I’m current’y about 20-25 pounds “overweight” according to both my physician and myself. But I’m not hung up on the scale. I want to maintain a booty (not the kind I had before when I was “skinny”, but the kind you build)… the super thin thing is overrated in my opinion. Strong is sexy. Feeling good in your own skin is sexy. I still love the feeling of a great workout even if I don’t see progress. I know that every workout is beneficial if even on the inside! Running will always be a huge part of my life and even though I’m much heavier than ever, I can still run my socks off! Watch out! For reference (and I’m very hesitant to post this) here are 3 photos of me side by side. From left to right (March 2013, April 2013 are progress pictures after losing a few pounds on the Tone it Up nutrition/work out plan, and the last photo is me in September 2015 😬)


Where I’m Headed? Number one goal is to get back to the me I know best! My weight goal is somewhere between 125-130 lbs but I’m not set on a particular weight.Β I also know I want to continue making a difference in others lives, and there are several avenues I plan to do that. Personal training/coaching, volunteering for an organization that works with women/children who have been affected by domestic violence (and or refugees), and photography. I pursued photography on a professional level Β for a few years and it was going well until my very expensive camera and lens system broke. But I’m working towards getting a new set-up right now so I’m feeling optimistic about it!

Β Till next time. Have a great night!

-Beach Body Bliss ✌🏼





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