Weekend Motivation! 

It’s the weekend.

Let the fun and cheating begin?! Wait. Hold on!

Although the the weekend is definitely a time to enjoy life and let loose, it shouldn’t become a free for all for the next couple of days. Remember the weekend ends up accounting for about an entire week when added up, and that’s a large portion of the month. It can be damaging to your progress!

I’ve always used the weekend to power through great workouts (usually Friday is my “rest day”). Here are some ways to stay fit on weekends and Active “rest days” so you don’t feel like you’re slaving away, yet you’re maintaining good habits.

  • Foam rolling routine (if you don’t have a foam roller, please get one!)
  • Stretching/Yoga routine
  • Walk (or jog) around a local park or urban “hike”,  or your neighborhood
  • Hiking
  • Snowboard/Ski
  • Rock Climbing (indoor or outdoor)
  • Golf
  • Swimming (my least favorite, given that I swimming isn’t my strong suit)

Those are just a few of my favorite ways to be active if I’m not up for a time consuming workout. But I love leg day on Saturday and of course Sunday Runday (and usually I try to fit in at least 5k).

Happy Weekend! And remember to stay strong 💪🏼

-beach body bliss

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