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Given that December is one of my favorite months of the year, it might be obvious that one of the reasons why, is due to snow. If not let me tell you, it is definitely because of snow!

Here is one of my favorite photos from a few years ago at Timberline Lodge. That view is perfection!

For the last 7 years my most beloved “hobby” has been snowboarding. And I certainly don’t think of it as a hobby, it’s more like a fact of life. I think one of the things that has bothered me the most about gaining weight has been how much more difficult snowboarding has actually been being 25 (or more) pounds overweight. I’ve never let it get in the way, but it has certainly made it more challenging (which explains why the last two years have lacked so much actual snowboarding). Interestingly enough snowboarding is a great way to “workout” without feeling like a workout and I promise you, if you’re having enough fun doing it, you’ll feel it the next day just like a good workout! As mentioned in my last post, snowboarding is a great way to stay active on days you aren’t working out, here’s why:

  • Physical Fitness- you wouldn’t think having your legs strapped to a board would help you with muscle strengthening but as an avid and experienced rider (easy way to say snowboarder) I can tell you that it works muscles you may not have known you had or were even using. Specifically muscles in and around your core. Your mid section (along with your head) is basically the “steering wheel” so as you are maneuvering the slopes you are constantly engaging your core, lower back, and shoulders in addition to some serious quad and calf work. Of course there is some element of cardiovascular energy being spent as well because of all this work happening (and depending on how long the “run” lasts) Due to the fast pace of riding, you are constantly making adjustments for balance, direction, speed, and you will need lots of coordination and body mechanics involving flexibility… you’ve always wanted to be a ninja right? Well this will help!
  • Mental Fitness- While you’re out on the hill you will be surrounded by things that could potentially harm you. The terrain is variable, the conditions can limit visibility and maneuverability, you have to watch for other people and trees… and poles. Being keen to your surroundings and periphery is extremely important. Mental focus  (without really trying) is occurring every moment.
  • Mother Naturey Goodness- I can’t explain this in many other ways than to compare it to a much cheaper version of psychiatric therapy. It just is. Being out on the mountain with fresh crisp air, trees heavy with snow, the soothing sound of boards gliding across the cold powdery snow… it’s not easy to describe. The beauty of the mountain terrain is breathtaking and each moment spent within it is something to treasure and leaves you feeling refreshed and “blessed” even if you don’t believe in God. Endorphins are good, and snowboarding gives endorphins out like it’s Halloween.
  • Adrenaline Rush- Sure, too much adrenaline is bad. It’s just too toxic when you have it surging through you constantly, so chill out most of the time. However if you’re anything like me… you  are unwillingly an adrenaline junky. I can’t help it. But I generally don’t do it every single day so I find the release of adrenaline safe and productive. Nothing beats being 7,000+ feet about sea level carving down a mountain (and sometimes with an unobstructed view that seems to go on forever) I’d much rather partake in this relatively safe sport than say tight rope walking, base jumping or taking drugs. So snowboard and stay safe 😜

It’s such a feel good sport all together, and I promise you don’t have to be athletic to do this. I can’t throw a ball straight but I can snowboard like it is nobody’s business.

My season started last week and there just so happens to be snow on our local mountain this season. The last two years have been pretty terrible, specifically last year (if you’re in Oregon you know what I mean!) So lets keep those snow dances going! I’m excited to hit the slopes tomorrow, Kris gifted me new goggles, new pants and a new jacket (early Christmas gifts!) so I’ll be feeling fresh.

(said new Goggles, I love Oakley and these found at Zumiez  are awesome!)


Head to my Instagram for photos of my day tomorrow! Happy Snowboarding 🏂

-Beach Body Bliss

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