Tone Up Thursday .2

Hello Thursday!

Hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying the holidays, family/friend get togethers, and yummy food. Such a great time to enjoy life!

As I do most years, my Christmas list had several items that promote fitness and health. I’m not sure if I received any of my “wish list” items but I’m excited to find out tomorrow! What fitness gear is on your list this year? My list had the following fitness related items on it:

  1. New Gym Bag (actually the entire Tone It Up Bundle, which includes the bag, 4 new workouts, resistance bands, protein, and more)
  2. New Yoga Mat from Blogilates
  3. Shoes, there’s always new Nike on my list especially since my daughter “borrows” my shoes all the time

I’ve been fortunate to get my home gym set up over the summer so I could check all those off my list! I think I’ll be all set once I get the gym bag and new yoga mat, so my fingers are crossed!

Who’s working out this Christmas Eve and Christmas day? Or are you just kicking back and relaxing?

I’m going to squeeze in some quick total body weight training routines (or 15-20 minutes of Running) each day, I’m a firm believer in doing a little bit at least once a day even if there is little time, and it seems futile. It’s a great way to build habits for a lifetime. Things have been hectic and are just getting more busy over the next couple days. I’m really looking forward to the holidays ending so I can put all my efforts towards my fitness goals 💯 I have so much energy but it’s  all being spent on Christmas shopping, cleaning and prepping for family gatherings, wrapping and more cleaning!

Remember it’s Thirsty Thursday, drink up! I’ll be filling my gallon jug first thing in the morning. My favorite way to enjoy Thirsty Thursday (sans the Alcohol) is to add fruit to my water. Here are some of my fave ways to mix up plain h20:

  • Raspberry, Mint and Lemon
  • Mango, Blueberry and Mint
  • Cucumber, Mint and Lemon
  • Strawberry, Mint and Lemon

Tip: Add La Croix for  a bit of fizz and you have yourself a yummy mocktail!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! 🎄✌🏼

-Beach Body Bliss


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