Tee Tones Up

The Holidays are just about over, with only the best one left to celebrate! New Years eve/day is definitely my favorite day of the year.

Just like the beginning of a new month signifies 4 weeks of renewed possibility, and Mondays set the tone for the week. January 1st marks the beginning of a years worth of possibilities and the opportunity to write a brand new chapter in life. I adore that feeling!

As mentioned in previous posts, the Tone It Up girls create various challenges throughout the year and their next one begins Jan 3rd (Tone It Up New Year Challenge). I’m excited because they put out a holiday bundle with items that go along with the challenge (it was on my Christmas wish list, see last post) Β and Kris gifted it to me!

Yay! My mom also got me the Blogilates yoga mat I’ve been lusting over, it’s in the bag, and came with a carrying strap! My cat loves posing for photos so she photo bombed it and took advantage of the fact I was too busy to get her off the counter!

What was included in the bundle?

  • Gym Bag
  • 2 Resistance bands (in the coral pouch)
  • 4 workout videos that will be used in the challenge
  • Vitamins (I love their vitamins, they don’t make me nauseous as some others)
  • Vanilla Latte flavored protein
  • A foldable water bottle
  • the 8 week fitness journal (I have a new one, but I can either use this later or give it to someone who could use it)
  • An adorable necklace
  • and a body measuring tape (I also already have one but this one is definitely more pretty!)

I’m excited to get started!

Today is also one of my favorite days, Sunday Runday so I hope wherever you are (the couch, laying in bed, contemplating a workout…) that you will hop up, lace up your shoes and go for a run. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1 mile or 5 miles, or if you go as slow as a turtle. A slow mile is better than no mile! Happy running!

-Beach Body Bliss ✌🏼

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