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Here is one of those random blog posts I mentioned I might do in my “about me” post.


I’m 99% positive I love it more than any other thing on this planet. Why? Some people say it’s silly to spend so much time taking photos, and that if all you are doing when you’re supposed to be enjoying life is taking photos, you really aren’t enjoying life. But I disagree. The photos I take (and that anyone takes) freeze special moments in time. I get so much joy from looking back at photos from a month ago, several years ago.. and especially a decade ago. I can’t even imagine not having the photos to look back on. The number of times old photos have made me laugh, and sincerely smile on the inside, is priceless.

I’ll never stop taking photos, those purposeful photos that take thought and care, and also the photos that are snapped on a whim. Having said that, I don’t currently have a professional camera. I shoot with my iPhone only. I am “saving up” for a full sized DSLR, and I’ll be ecstatic when I finally get to go and purchase another one, but for now it’s just me and my phone… oh and my new  Ollo Clip 4-in-one iPhone lens! It’s such an awesome little creation. Merry Christmas to me, it was a gift from Kris and I was so happy when I saw it in its little box.

My kitty “Roxie” saying Hi! Using the Fish Eye lens

I love that there are four lenses in one. Wide Angle, Fish Eye, and two different Macro settings. Fun for days. It will keep me nice and busy while I wait for my real camera. I also love that it is easy to use, and super portable…

It comes with a lanyard and and locks into one of three variously colored portable clips
You just slip it on and snap away!

So much fun, I can’t wait to put it to more use. I fiddled with the macro to see how it works and it’s really powerful for being a clip on iPhone lens. When I get the opportunity, I will do a legitimate side by side of some objects to give a solid example of its power. So far I have little complaint about it’s capabilities. I know I’ve read some disgruntled comments about the cost, but when you consider the cost of a full size DSLR and the lenses that make them function optimally, it seems silly to complain. I paid over $200 bucks for my macro lens on my Nikon (that cost about 1K alone) about 5+ years ago. So at $80 bucks, I’m not sure what the issue is!

If you were or are contemplating the purchase, I say it’s worth the cost to be able to have a little fun and add  a creative dimension to your camera phone pics while having full control of the effects without using apps. Feel free to inquire about any other questions!

-Beach Body Bliss 


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