Bikini Body, what is that?


Interesting topic got stuck in my head after reading Women’s Health magazine a few days ago. In the “Letter From The Editor” (page 12 of the Jan/Feb issues) there is a small snippet that begins with “Dear Bikini Body” and goes on to describe how insulting the phrase bikini body is. It implies there is a certain set of standards that people must fall into if they want to be able to wear a bikini. Women’s Health magazine will no longer feature articles that pertain to getting a “Bikini Body.”

This made me consider my own blog, and what others might perceive about what Beach Body Bliss means. How do I even feel about it? For starters, I’m gonna be honest… I simply thought it was catchy and had a sense of fitness to it! I love the beach (especially the warm ones, where there is sunshine and you can go in the water without a wet/dry suit on… obviously not in Oregon), I’d live  at the beach if I could. Kris and I dream about running away to Hawaii or Fiji some day. Having said that, I’ve been able to really think about it on a deeper level and I want to make sure that the word”body” in Beach Body Bliss, means whatever type of body you are most comfortable with and will enable a feeling of bliss. For me that means my body needs to operate in the most optimal way… it matters very little that my bikini fits poorly, that I’m not a Victoria’s Secret model, or that I have stretch marks from having two kids… or that I gained 35 pounds over the last couple of years and now I have cellulite. No one’s opinion can undo those things. That’s life!

What I always want to instill in others with this blog and in life, is that we truly do only have one body, and it does amazing things every single day and is capable of doing more than we believe it can (yay self talk!). My goal is to cherish that, take better care of that… so my beach body can take better care of me. I want to hike taller mountains, I want to snowboard faster, and I’d love to surf someday. I can’t do any of those things very well in my current body, and only until then will I find true bliss, whether I’m able to run a marathon or lay confidently, and scantily clad on the beach in Hawaii.

The best version of my body will be a lot different than yours or what others think mine should be, and that is the beauty of it. Each of our bodies are beautiful, so do your part to take care of it in the best way you can. I’m never going to be a size zero again, and I’m thankful for that! Being able to change our bodies is like a form of magic if you think about it, very slow magic… so we’re basically all magicians at the end of the day!

Ask yourself what you want to do with your body? Surf, finish a triathlon, complete a backpacking trip? Whatever it is, you and your beautiful body can do it! 2016 is the year 💯


Beach Body Bliss ✌🏼

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