Tone Up Thursday .3 

Happy New Years Eve!

There’s been so many wonderful posts about the new year, resolutions, goals, and reflections on the year that is hours away from being part of the past. I haven’t and won’t be posting one of those. I’ve done resolutions almost every year, and like so many others, have let my resolutions fall by the wayside because of… Well excuses. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done it. Although I’m pretty consistent with workouts I’ve always struggled and continue to struggle with eating clean and healthy 80% of the time like I want to and know I should.

So this year I’m just going to keep moving forward, I put my goals and plan into action in September. And although the holidays inevitably affected them a little bit, I hung in there and I continued to work out almost every day. My confidence in my ability to reach my goals is soaring, and I don’t think for one second that I’m going to slow down. Mind over matter! I hope anyone reading this knows that 2016 can be the year excuses get dropped.

Today for Tone up Thursday I’m posting a quick and simple workout that I do frequently when I need to hit some major muscle groups but maybe I’m running low on time (the sequence can be done up to 4 times depending on preference or time restraints) I aim for 4, but sometimes I just do it 1 time through and finish off with a run or the stair master (like today, running 5k after one round)
I use 10 pound weights for this, but everyone has their own comfort level… Pick up those 3 pounders if that’s what it takes, you gotta start somewhere 🙂

Also it’s Thirsty Thursday! Last week I wrote about adding fruit to water which is a great way to mix up H2O, but another option is to add some coconut water. I love Harmless Harvest brand and also Vita Coco. Try it out and drink up (everyday not just on Thursday!)

Hopefully by the end of the day any workouts added to BBB (beach body bliss) will also be added to a Workout page here on the blog so they can be easily accessed. I’m working on adding some additional sections now!
I hope everyone has an amazing evening and great start to the New Year! Cheers to a wonderful 2016! 🍾

-Beach Body Bliss 

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  • It’s definitely hard to keep resolutions, and I feel like many people give up once they break them early on or in the middle of the year. However, a wise friend once told me a few years ago that there is no need for new year’s resolutions because you can always “resolve” to do something differently, become a better you, and start fresh any day of the year. If not now, when, right? Anytime is a good time to start fresh and push forward!! 🙂 You got this!