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It’s the first day of the new year (well second day if you consider it’s about 1:00am). Earlier in the day I was reading on the Reader and came across a post from “Stellar Vibes” (read the post here) and she was writing about how “nature is tranquility.” I couldn’t agree more. And I began once again, thinking about how much of an influence nature has had on my life. Most of my happiest memories are of some sort of activity that involved being outdoors, especially camping.

A few days ago the sun had come out here in the Portland (OR) area so of course the first thing I did in the morning was go out for a run like I used to do pretty much every day until my weight got out of control. I almost slipped on the ice about 5 times before I decided it would be a brisk walk! My point here is that just that simple walk in itself had already gotten me thinking about spending more time outdoors. I feel like nature is calling 🙊

Then tonight Kris and I went to see the remake of “Point Break” and first of all Edgar Ramirez (Bodhi’s character) is HOT. And also, the themes of the movie are based on two things: 1) extreme sports 2) becoming “one” with nature. I’m not going to say the movie itself was good but I like extreme sports, and nature… and good looking guys, so it worked out. They featured some beautiful scenery… so I sat here for some time reflecting on nature, and how I want to incorporate it into some sort of resolution or intention for the New Year even though I said I wasn’t going to have any.

So, I’ve figured it out!

I want to spend more time out in the tranquility of nature. Even if it’s just a nearby park for a walk.

I took this on my walk the other day 🙂

I don’t know how realistic this idea is given that this area of Oregon rains almost daily and in addition to the rain it’s also freezing and often times windy. But I can promise that on days when the weather can be enjoyable… or at least tolerable, I’ll do my best to get outside to play. And I’ll certainly continue to snowboard as often as possible so long as there is snow on the mountain! My hope is that I can do some hiking in addition to snowboarding/shoeing and golf, and even volunteer with an organization that is involved with replanting or managing parks and trails.

Just like that, I have a resolution!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! And whatever resolutions, goals or intentions that you have promised yourself, I hope you make a sincere effort to keep those promises through the end of the year!


-Beach Body Bliss

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