Tone Up Thursday .4

What a great week this has been!

I’ll admit I’m super exhausted from all the great workouts I’ve been doing, but I’m still keeping on! Lots of toning routines with weights, and I did 4 miles of running on sunday runday as I said I would on my post about running form (Run Run), as well as a little over 2 miles on Tuesday. Today I will be doing 5k in addition to Zumba at Diva Den Studios this am. For anyone in the Portland Oregon metropolitan area this fitness studio, devoted to women of all shapes and sizes, is definitely a place you want to visit! They have so many fun classes and their instructors are upbeat, motivating and fit (in an attainably fit way, not the “how is that even real?” way).

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Today is Tone Up Thursday, where I feature my own go to workout or other workouts from various sources. This is a Quick Booty routine. I do this one a lot because it’s short and to the point. And it’s flexible, so you can do what works in terms of weights.


Dumbbell (10-15 lbs) Goblet Squat- you can also use a kettle bell (that’s what I use, if you have neither you can just skip the weight and do a regular squat). In the starting position keep the weight at chest level, you will keep it here through the entire squat. Get low when you squat down, remember not to let your knees pass your toes. Your heels should take the brunt of the weight, and as you come up out of the squat remember to squeeze your glutes as you pause at the top.

Dumbbell (10-15 lbs) Booty Bridges- Laying on your back, knees bent (as if you will be doing a sit-up), place the dumbbell at your lower abdomen/hips. Begin by driving the momentum through your heels, your hips and booty raising into a “bridge.” Pause at the top, again squeezing your glutes. Lower back down and repeat.

Step-ups- Stand facing a box, bench, or even the start of a set of stairs. Use one foot to step up (you can add a knee raise at the top), step back down and start with the other foot. Sometimes I will do each side all at once for some extra muscle fatigue and burnout.

Standing Booty Kickback- (great option to use ankle weights if you have them!) In a standing position, feet shoulder width apart (you can use a wall or chair for stability if needed), start with a straight leg, lift your leg and press back as far as you can comfortably, squeeze at the top. Slowly bring the leg back to start. After completing the 12, repeat on the other side.

Table Top Leg Swings-(great option to use ankle weights if you have them!) Get on the floor or a mat, on all fours. Start with one leg extended straight behind you (like a booty kickback), bring your extended leg out to your side as far as you can comfortably go. Then retract the leg back over the opposite foot, tap and repeat. Try not to use momentum, but use your glutes to lift and move. Once complete with the 12, repeat on the other side.

Generally I do this set 3-4 times, but as always it depends on what I’m doing that day and if I plan on doing cardio.

And since it’s Thirsty Thursday… I’ve had a bunch of blueberries on hand this week, so all my protein shakes have had blueberries in them. I just throw a scoop (or two of protein, as directed) into a blender with about 6-8 oz of water, half of a small frozen banana (or a few ice cubes) and about a half cup of almond milk (more or less, depending on how thick you want your shake). It’s delicious and naturally sweet! Yummy!

Enjoy the last bit of this week, and keep going strong! The only limit is ourselves 💪🏽

-Beach Body Bliss

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