It’s the much anticipated weekend so I thought I’d write a quick note for myself and others out there who struggle with the weekend/weekday balance. 

I never really know what to expect on the weekends because we rarely make solid plans… But there’s usually at least one day of the weekend that we over indulge in pretty much everything.

So more than anyone, I need a reminder! 


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There’s too much time spent during the weekdays working really hard to progress just to digress when Friday rolls around. So I’m going to make a more focused effort to remember that all the weekend days add up, and they all affect how quick or slow my progress is. 

  • Indulging in the things you love is great, but do it minimally 
  • Say no when you know you should 
  • Stay active, even if you have a “rest day” 
  • Prepare on Sunday for a killer week. 
  • Enjoy the process! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend and lots of fun adventures. I hope to go snowboarding or at least hiking, in addition to my usual workout routines! 

Go get ’em!

-Beach Body Bliss

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