Sunday Reflections

I’m sad to see the weekend coming to an end, but it felt really great to spend the day preparing for a great week. We were even able to sleep in till 10am! (which rarely ever happens unless we are hungover).

Yesterday we went wine tasting in Dundee (Oregon’s version of “Napa Valley”) and we stopped at 3 different places:

Stoller Vinyards


The Four Graces
and had a cocktail at The Allison Inn & Spa

Fun day to relax (and let my body recuperate) and enjoy the weekend without going overboard! We stopped at Stone Cliff Inn prior to heading out and had lunch which was awesome as always! Then we had a salad for dinner πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Since we slept in today, I’ll admit it was a slow start, but eventually after grocery shopping and lunch we made it to the gym. I did a 10 minute warm-up on the stair master and then ran/walked for 2.2 miles. The shin splint issue has risen once again so I didn’t push it too much, and I’ll spend the next few days using a foam roller and doing extra stretches to help… I’ll also take the running pretty slow and easy.

Awful time on both miles (and a 2 minute walk in between miles and to end the run

This week is full of both “Tone It Up” challenge workouts, my go to workouts, and also a class at Diva Den again. I have all our meals planned as well so I feel great about how this week is going to go and really in control of the direction life is headed! Pumped!

Have a great week!


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