Music To Get You Moving!

Music truly does make the world go round and I’m always on the hunt for great songs to add to my workout playlist, and also for road trips, and snowboarding. My favorite music app is of course Spotify! But there are plenty of other options, like Apple, Songza, and Pandora etc. Spotify just works best for me (and now has a family package so both my  kids and I can listen to our own music for a small additional fee)

I’ve been fairly disappointed with the music scene as of late, which is sad because I love all types of music… from Classical Symphonies, Jazz, Golden Oldies, and Hip Hop, to Metal, EDM, Blues, and Alternative. On my recent quest for new music to run/workout to I found some fun songs that I am enjoying. I literally bust a move any time these songs are playing which means I enjoy running to them as well!

Here are my newest favorites:


Please note that some of these songs do have explicit lyrics which may be offensive to some!

As mentioned I am always (literally) looking for new music, both for working out and otherwise so feel free to leave a comment with your favorite song or link to your own favorite songs/playlist. The more the merrier!

-Tee ✌🏼️

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