Motivation Monday


Finding motivation can be both easy and difficult, it’s one of those fleeting feelings that can sometimes be very strong, and other times non-existent. Finding balance is great, but again not easy!

I’ve had very vain and altruistic motivation in my past, like only wanting to look great in a bikini (Which I still do want, don’t be mistaken!). But that is no longer my main motivator! For me that motivator depended too much on quick results, results that often come slowly and can end up demotivating me. So I would end up giving up if the scale didn’t change as quickly as I wanted. That’s how it has always worked for me anyway. Has this ever happened to you?

My recent and continued motivation…

  1. To be able toΒ DOΒ the things I love and that make me truly happy, and be able to do them well (snowboarding, hiking, running etc) I deserve that!
  2. To give the love of my life my best self rather than my worst. I love that he loves me no matter what, but I feel a sense of responsibility to give my best because of that, and that is something I haven’t done in a very long time.
Left: Dec 28th, Middle: Jan 8th, Right: Jan 16th

This helps too, it’s such little progress but enough that I feel good about it. More importantly the pre-test that I did the weekend of New Years day has shown improvement in my physical abilities. I’m down 4 pounds, and about 2.5 inches in my waist/abdomen area.

What motivates you?! I’d love to know more about what keeps everyone else pumped on their fitness paths!

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