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Usually on Thursdays I share workouts that I typically do as part of my weekly routine or workouts to do on the fly. But today I wanted to catch up on what has been going on with the “Tone It Up” challenge from Karena and Katrina.

The challenge, which began on January 3rd is heading into its 4th week of 8, and so far I’m Β enjoying every bit of it! I can honestly say during all their other challenges, I haven’t stuck to it very well and gave up around the second week, but this time I am sticking to the workouts 100% and the nutrition plan about 70-80% give or take. I don’t like my nutrition to be that pre-planned… we’re pretty spontaneous people so we like flexibility! But it’s great having workouts planned, and I can/do still add in my own workouts as well as classes too. My rest days are a bit off from the schedule, so when I skip that workout for the day, I just add it to the next day so I’m not missing any of the workout routines.

One thing I really enjoy about the weekly workout schedule is that it incorporates the various body parts throughout the week and typically (at least in my opinion) they focus on the booty/legs… which happens to be my favorite area to work on, and the area I want to build upon. Yay! My favorite routine right now is the Kettle Booty and Abs. Who doesn’t love kettle bell workouts!? The ladies also do a LOT of running and incorporate cardio into the schedule almost daily, which is great because that is also an area I want to get better in. I’m definitely getting stronger with my runs and feeling really good about it!

VisitΒ Tone It Up WorkoutsΒ to see all the routines they have to offer… there are TONS!Β They just recently updated their website and app to make it easier to find workouts, recipes and a plethora of fitness related info. Also it’s never too late to join a challenge so if you like what you see just jump in now. Better late than never πŸ™‚









Anyone else doing the “TIU” Challenge? If so how is going for you?

Beach Body Bliss 🌴

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  • Thanks for sharing the “Tone it up Challenge” I visited the site and I think I want to try it! I am always looking for ideas and plans and I can especially use help in the nutrition department! Thanks again πŸ™‚

    • I love it, hope you do the entire community of TIU is really supportive of each other and inspiring πŸ™‚ Warning tho, the nutrition program is one of the only things they charge for and it is expensive, but if you like structure and recipes then it’s worth it!

  • I’m signed up, but I find printables annoying. I’d rather follow videos, so if there’s no video, I do something else.

    Honestly, Tone It Up is too sexualized for me. I trying to work out, not look at close ups of other girls’ asses.

    • I’m not a printable person either. It’s pretty rare that they only have printables. The only time I have a problem with their asses are when they post close up booty pics to IG or FB. In their workout videos it’s just them working out for the most part so I just do the workout and don’t deal with their booty’s!

      • This challenge seems to be almost all printables. It sends me a list of moves to do each morning, but I’m not about to keep checking my email while working out to see what’s next. I’ve only been sent a couple of new videos and one wasn’t very good. Free programs aren’t up to par sometimes, at least that’s what I’m finding.

        I also find that their intro to every video is them frolicking around half dressed with sexualized close-ups. I was starting to wonder who they were trying to appeal to with that marketing plan. Is my husband supposed to be the target audience? Lol. Even looking at “real” yoga versus their yoga videos and it’s certainly interesting where the camera zooms…Given on of their brothers is the videographer too. Odd.

        Not my cup of tea BUT whatever gets people results is good in my books!

        • Maybe it’s just me not noticing it haha! Although the frolicking is super annoying, I thought it seemed less “sexualized” in this challenge because they have actual clothes on. In all their other challenges and workouts they are in bikinis most of the time, that was one of the improvements I saw this time around. They appeal to me personally because of their positivity, large supportive community, and empowering other women, I’d like an ass like either one of them so I don’t really think of it so much as sexual but I can definitely see how it is and is viewed that way… But I still think it’s way less about them being half naked now than even a year ago! I’m with you, as long as they have a free version available and there are people getting results, I don’t care what they do with their butts πŸ˜‚