1 Year Blogiversary

You may have noticed I have not posted in a while (if not, I forgive you 😜) I was taking a moment to re-group and look at my goals. You may not know this, but February is the 1 year Blogaversary of Beach Body Bliss (that’s a word right?)

I restarted this blog several times along the way… the last time being in September when I knew I had time to devote to my fitness goals. Since then I have been pretty regular with things since I had a thought out Β “plan” for what I was doing. But as my yearly subscription fees approached, I began to think about what the purpose of my blog is. I’ve had a couple blogs before… A personal blog that I wrote in from 2004-2007 and wish I still had all those memories. I used it to document every day life, my prose and poetry and also (more recently, 2007-2009) a blog for my photography/hiking. This was before I knew that “bloggers” and blogging were a thing! Although the blogging world has grown and changed into the wonderful community of sharing that it now is, I can definitely see that a blog doesn’t encapsulate what I’m trying to share as a whole. It will however, be a part of a much bigger picture.

I’ve had these fun ideas, or dreams if that’s what you want to call them, for a long looooong time but the stars never aligned so it didn’t make sense to follow them. Until all the hard work that Kris and I have put in for almost 4 years, it then finally became a possibility to start reaching toward them. I’m not sure how long I’ll be so lucky to have the universe conspiring for me, so I’m going to work extra hard to make my goals a reality. I’ve gone over my thoughts and what I want to accomplish for months, and I have a full fledged plan. It feels good, it feels right and I am so looking forward to a future full of health and wellness!

What does that mean for Beach Body Bliss on WordPress? I’m not sure. What I can tell you is that my site will be moving very soon and going through some changes! In the mean time I’ll be here and will happily subscribe to many of your blogs by email if I can!

Feel free to join me over on Insta (teepadron), where I live out my life… and my cat Roxie’s life on the daily, or the lesser used Twitter (beach body bliss)Β or FB ( Beach Body BlissΒ I’m still working on getting my FB page up and running well, it’s not quiet the same as a personal FB page!)

Thanks for reading and I hope to keep in touch via WordPress and the new site! ✌🏼

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴







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