Welcome to the New Beach Body Bliss!

After a lot of sweat and tears I finally have finished the new version of my site! I couldn’t be more excited! (Mostly I think I’m just proud that I managed to get my domain switched from WordPress.com and am now self hosted with the ability to still use WordPress (via WordPress.org installation). I’m not gonna lie, the process was very intimidating and has taken quite a long time… and for a second there I thought I might have to scrap the whole thing and be content with what I had going on before. The other part I’m almost more proud of? I never once had to ask my technology/computer wizard boyfriend for help! Go me!

You see, all of the above finally and fully came together over the last several days due to me being incredibly sick. Yes that meant I had time (lots of laying on the couch with my cat Roxie) but it also meant that my brain is foggy and I made lots of mistakes that needed correcting. Oops.

There is lots in store for the site (and I’m missing my last post because it didn’t get exported, another oops) and I can’t wait to slowly make it better, more user friendly and organized so readers can find workouts more easily. So even though it’s being launched as of now, it’s still a work in progress! That’s life though right, especially in terms of humanity? Always something to improve upon.

Have a look around, to get the full functionality it’s best viewed on a desktop computer. I welcome any feedback and ideas also. Let me know your thoughts!

That’s it for now, it’s almost midnight and now more than ever I need sleep!

-Beach Body Bliss🌴

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  • Wow! I absolutely love, love, LOVE your new website!!! It is great how you turned something as unpleasant as being sick into such a productive opportunity to export your site. I am so impressed. That is a challenging process. I have thought about hosting my own site and I got my “Hello World” up, but that’s about it. So I commend you for this. And it is SO beautiful! I hope you’re feeling better! Get your rest and keep writing! Xoxoxo.

    • Thanks girl! It’s been a process for sure! I’m just super proud of myself (which is pretty rare) so your kind words are so appreciated! I added you to my bloglovin so in case I miss wordpress reader posts I’ll be sure to keep up with you πŸ™‚ xo!