Perks of Being Sick

As much as I absolutely hate being sick, I found the silver lining. Yes, it’s true, a positive mind will lead to a positive outcome! A few of those perks, you may be wondering?

  1. I lost a little weight! (the perk everyone hopes for)
  2. After finally giving in and taking some NyQuil I slept for a solid 6 hours, and thatΒ neverΒ happens… all it takes for me to sleep are some meds and a strong virus.
  3. There were copious amounts of time spent searching the Internet Galaxy for random and useless online content/memes. But it did help me stumble onto something I should have already known about. Bloglovin’

I was sitting here the other day in my cold and flu haze thinking, “It would be really awesome if I could read all my favorite WordPress blogs, and all my favorite self hosted blogs in one place… wonder if there’s an app for that?” Sure enough, there is. I’m not a huge fan of having yet another profile out there floating around, but I do enjoy that I can search any name of any blog that I know of and it adds it to my feed. I can also search for new blogs by topic. Swoon! πŸ’•Β You should definitely check it out if there are many sites you like to keep up with, just stream lines so easily!

(There is a little heart at the bottom right of my page that links to my own Bloglovin, or a link at the top right of the page… if you use Bloglovin remember to add beach body bliss!)

These are pretty much the only perks of being sick, wish I had more to share but you know how that story goes. There’s been plenty of the opposite… I have only worked out once since Saturday, I’ve been 97% miserable, I’m scared this is going to get the best of the progress and habits I’ve gotten into. However, if I practice what I preach I know that I’m gonna be ok. I’ve kept up with eating well (when I have had an appetite, being sick always kills the eating vibes) so I feel very good about that.Β 


One thing I know for certain is that I won’t stop trying, so no failing here… I’m not sure what I’m worried about. I’m the one in control here. That reminds me, I’m reading Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” and she describes negative self talk as a demon that sometimes you have to talk back to, and stand up for yourself to! If you ever catch yourself doing negative self talk, tell your little demon to pack it up!

I do plan to get back to posting about more fitness related topics… I have just been so out of it that even thinking about fitness wears me out 😜

-Beach Body BlissΒ 




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