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With so many great brands out there I wanted to reach beyond large corporate fitness brands and focus on a smaller company. I spend a lot of time looking for great fitness related products and usually (not always) I seek companies and products that are green, have a Holistic approach, or give back to others. I can’t always donate money or time, but if I can find a product or company that donates proceeds to a good cause, I’m sold. I also have a soft spot for real, true life stories that are brave, interesting and prove that hard work and dedication pay off (just like eating healthy and working out). There are many of these companies that I support, but today I’m going to briefly touch on Albion Fit and feature a few of their pieces that I personally love.

Albion Fit is a small but growing Husband and Wife shop located in Utah that create dozens of beautiful and versatile pieces, including both fitness clothing and swimwear that has a ridiculously chill vibe… I find it hard to describe: uplifting, summery,  cozy, feminine, relaxed, and yet adventurous. Often times when I see a new product pop up on my Insta feed, I sit back in my seat and my mind drifts off to far away places where me and my fit body could adventure. Then, with a deep sigh I am snapped back to reality once the oxygen hits my brain! But the mini mental getaway is nice while it lasts and products that make me feel that way…. Those are the kind I like to get behind, even if they don’t help cure childhood cancer or give shoes to shoeless kids around the world. Oh and their photographer is amazing, see…

They recently did a shoot here in Oregon. There’s nothing more special than nature 💕

But since I’m here to share products, these are my fave pieces right now!

This two piece is so Classy: Click the photo to be linked to the product
These pieces styled by the lovely @sosageblog (the photo links to the pants but the top can be found on the website)
This beautiful sports bra: Click photo for direct link

Those are just a few pieces, but if you happen to check them out I think you’ll find many functional and stylish options.

Until next time, have a great Friyay!

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴

*All photos in this article belong to Albion Fit* This is not a paid endorsement*

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