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Nature really does soothe the soul… We just returned from a little beach getaway and all that Vitamin Sea was just what we needed 😜 I love short little weekend trips here and there, I always feel so refreshed and happy afterward (even if we lost an hour… did you forget to spring forward!? I’ve definitely been late/early a time or two in the past thanks to daylight savings!)


Today I am doing my first “Sunday Lately” with the Blogger Tribe. The awesome group that runs the blogger tribe prompt 5 topics to write about each Sunday as a way to get creative juices flowing and to connect with others. Thought I’d give it a try 😊 This weeks word prompts are: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, and Craving! I’m switching out “forgetting” for Setting because I forget so many things I couldn’t possibly pick anything specific!

Creating: Today I did one of my own workouts that consisted of training Legs, Booty and Abs because I wasn’t able to get a great workout in yesterday since I though our hotel didn’t have a workout area… turns out that it did but it was still not  very functional, it just had cardio machines. (I did however do the routine found in yesterdays blog post) I thought I would share my workout today with all of you! I’m still so sore from my workouts last week but I have a feeling the sore struggle will be even more real tomorrow, my hammies are achin’ from the hamstring curls! (I also did an interval run set on incline and then a cool down jog that got me to 3.1 miles, I’ll post this quick interval run some time soon!) If you have any workout requests leave me a comment or email. I have a huge arsenal of exercises/routines that I do and would be happy to create a little image like the one below!


 For the Standing Ab Rotation I used a 10 pound weight
For the Standing Booty Kickback I used a resistance band, but you could do this without any weights, or get in a table top position and use whatever weight you have available to do bent knee kickback.
Here is a guide for the Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
Here is a guide for the Stability Ball Ab Pass

Finding: I’m planning on finding my biceps… triceps… and shoulders… weird I know! 😜 Well I’m referring to my lack of upper body strength, it doesn’t exist. I train legs, abs, back and my total body a ton, but I don’t consistently work on upper body and that explains why I am ridiculously weak. So one of my main focuses for a while will be to train those areas more! I’m sort of excited to make something other than my booty and legs a priority!

Switching: I’m thinking of switching gyms (my BF recently switched to one that we loved and used to go to about 7 years ago, but I stayed at 24 hr Fitness) There’s really no reason to stay at my current gym, given that I have the membership that allows me to go to any location and normally I drive over 12 miles to the one I like best, and even at that it’s still overly crowed and the classes are pretty lame. I also don’t see any huge benefits of switching except that it’s locally owned and operated and I always love supporting local businesses. We’ll see!

Setting: Goals, we all need them to stay on track! I’ve stepped away from setting specific goals recently, but I think it’s time to take a moment to get a few goals back in order to help increase my progress.

  1. Upper Body Conditioning
  2. Ramp up studying for the CPT certification exam.
  3. Eat more food. Crazy, right? But over the last couple of years I’ve noticed a tendency to forget to eat lunch and snacks throughout the day. It doesn’t make me crave food or binge eat in the evening but I’m just not getting enough calories given the amount of calories going out. I think my body is in a state of “starvation” mode most of the time and that is why my metabolism is so messed up. I feel like it’s the one thing really holding me back and I need to try and fix it as best I can.
  4. Get to bed by 10:30 and put the phone away! (I’m already still up wiring this at 11pm…) I have serious issues. Someone needs to force me and my brain to bed! I think we all know the benefits of sleep and how detrimental it can be on our health if we don’t get enough sleep.

Craving: Chicken Tikka (not to be confused with Chicken Tikka Masala) with pineapple basmati rice. It’s one of my favorite meals! It needs to be on my dinner plate as soon as possible! I’m also craving sunshine and I can’t wait to see some more of it later this week when the weather here in Oregon improves for a few days. I plan to do a hike at least one of the days and get in some outdoor runs. I used to run outside 85% of the time but now I do it only under the best circumstances so I guess technically that’s another goal – run outside more!

Hope ya’ll have a great week, when you wake up remember this mantra:

First drink the Coffee, then do the things! ☕️


Beach Body Bliss 🌴

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