Love Your Body

Over the last 10 years I have tried almost everything to either stay fit or get fit (me currently). Needless to say I’ve seen a lot of failure! Luckily I’ve found success also!

I’ve tried no carb and limited fat diets, an “8 hour diet.” I’ve tried doing cardio only, and weights only. Strict calorie counting… Paleo (which I do love, mostly)… and I’ve also tried quick fix shakes and cleanses. Don’t get me wrong, some of those things worked… for a while. But, in my opinion they aren’t sustainable and always left me feeling cantankerous about missing out on things I enjoy (and are actually good for me, carbs aren’t bad!). If I’m going to be totally honest, I’ll admit that these efforts may actually be the cause of my non-existent metabolism.

So believe me when I say I really have tried it all and after all is said and done, I realize whatΒ isΒ sustainable and healthy, both physically and emotionally. The one thing that is different over the last 6 months of my current journey to being fit? Well, there’s actually more than one, and these I believe are some of the keys to being healthy and happy.

  • My focus has entirely changed. Yes, I want a “hot” bod… who doesn’t? But that is not, and will never be my focus again. I want toΒ feelΒ different – stronger. My focus is how each workout makes me feel, how healthy foods make me feel.
  • I’m learning that more is not always better. I may have a ton of time to workout, but that doesn’t mean it is best for my body. We need rest days, they allow us to heal so we can build more.
  • I’m having fun! (I’ve always enjoyed working out) But it’s awesome finding new healthy recipes or trying a new “healthy” food. I mean one word, zoodles! Yum.
  • I’m working out because I love my body, not because I despise it. Flaws and all! πŸ’•

Back in January around the time I stopped writing, I had created 4 workouts dedicated to “loving your body” for Valentine’s Day but I didn’t get a chance to get them out before V-day. Here is one of them, my favorite one, and I promise it will make you seriously sweat! (if it doesn’t, do each high intensity move for 60 seconds!)


Hope you enjoy! If you have questions about specific exercises remember you can ask me and/or google the moves or use 😊

I’ve been working hard the last 3 days and am soooooo grateful that I feel a million times better than last week. I’ve ran a 5k interval run on an incline every day and last week I had a day where I could only run for 3 minutes at a time… I have no idea why I was so lethargic and exhausted but I’m just glad I feel like myself again this week. Don’t take your health for granted ✌🏼 On that note I can’t wait for a proper rest day, my entire body is sore (in that good way, where I can walk without swagger!) and I have another killer day planned tomorrow. I’m coming for you Hump Day! 🐫

This song tho hahahaha

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴






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