No Excuses

As the saying goes, “No Excuses” but as reality goes… Well we all have them at one point or another, am I right? I’ve had my share, and chances are you have to.

There’s only a few innate things we are born to be able to do, all the rest are learned! I’ve spent years making working out a priority and although I’ve always been pretty good about it, it wasn’t until I began training myself to get a morning workout that I became consistent. Now it’s just a part of my day, and it also means I get to eat breakfast, which is my favorite meal of the day!

My 15 year old daughter and her best friend were just asking for my advice on starting to workout and I mentioned to them the importance of early morning workouts and the benefits of getting it in early.

That’s when the excuses started flying… And I’ve heard them all, in fact I’ve told some of them to myself before. “I don’t have time”, “I already wake up too early for work/school”, “I’d rather just do it later in the day when I’m actually awake” , “I’m too tired” etc etc. If any of those excuses (or others) have tumbled around in your head, that’s ok… Because there are so many quick routines that you can do. All you need is 10 minutes… 10 minutes of work that can get your metabolism revved up, and your body kicked into high gear to start a great day!

Don’t let the snooze button get the best of you!



Remember it’s not a race, give your best of each move for 1 minute each, 10 moves, 10 minutes. All you need is a timer and determination!

Have a great Tuesday! ✌🏼

Tee 🍍

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