Fitness Friday

My motto for the last two days is “Better Late Than Never,” I missed my Tone Up Thursday post yesterday because Spring Break means that kids need to be entertained so I was “too busy” 😉 I also barely squeezed in my workouts in the late afternoon (normally I do them as early as possible to make sure it gets done!) Then I finished the day with a quick run after spring cleaning the house. So it was a success after all!

Thought I would share one of my chest and tricep workouts since those are areas of focus for me right now (basically my entire upper body). I think one of the reasons I don’t care for training upper body is that it seems a little boring, it might just all be in my head… in reality it’s just my weak little muscles not wanting to go hard! It’s time to change that! So in addition to training these areas more often, I’m also going to increase the weight I’m using. Remember that workouts are supposed to be challenging, in order to change your body you must pull yourself out of the comfort zone. The last few reps of each set should be nearly impossible to complete. (You can always drop the weight down if it’s impossible to perform the move with correct form).

What you’ll need:

  • Dumbbells (I use 10+ lbs, use a weight that is challenging)
  • Barbell (if you want to use that for the laying chest press)
  • Bench
  • Cable Pulling Machines
  • “Pec Dec” chest machine (optional)
  • Determination! 💪🏽



The laying chest press can be done with both a dumbbell or a barbell. I tend to do both, and it also depends on what I have available.

Chest Fly’s can be done with a cable pull system or a “pec dec” machine- but you can also use dumbbells, It’s just difficult to get the form right (especially with more weight)

Inclined pull overs: Use an inclined bench, hold a dumbbell in both hands near your abdomen. To perform the move, lift the weight with both hands up and over your head. Push the weight back until your feel the muscle contract (or have the pulling sensation on the tri) then retract the weight back down to the start position.

Have a great weekend! Remember….

Life Doesn’t Get Easier

You Just Get Stronger!

-Beach Body Bliss 🍍

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