Sunday Lately | 3

Coming at ya with another edition of Sunday Lately! This is 3 weeks in a row now and I’m really enjoying the weekly prompts.

It’s Easter Sunday so…


Hope your Easter has been filled with good times. It was a relaxing day, not much going on in my little world, but thanks to snapchat I get to be a bunny 🐰

The Sunday Lately word prompts for this week are: Completing, Visiting, Repeating (I’mΒ changing this to “Starting”), Writing, Scheduling.Β 


I’m trying to finish up the book “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler so that I can begin the book “Pretty Happy” by Kate Hudson but I’m also trying to get caught up on my certified personal trainer studying and I’m still behind so… priorities. Adulating is hard.

Who doesn’t love reading books by strong, talented and beautiful ladies?


I went and saw my mom today and brought her potted Tulips and a huge butterfly balloon to cheer her up because she hasn’t been feeling well and was in the hospital for a short time last night due to a fainting episode. Easter vibes were going strong! Really makes me appreciate my good health and grateful that I’m free of any major issues… it also makes me worry about my mom and realize how fragile my parents are, both of my parents have played such a huge part in mine and my kids lives, it tears me apart to ever see them suffer.


Thanks to Instagram (have I mentioned how much I love Insta? Oh yes I have!) I learned about this thing called the “52 Hike Challenge” and since I love to hike, and one of my goals this year is to get outside more and enjoy nature, I’m gonna go for it! (read about my goalΒ HERE).Β I’ve already done 3 in 2016 and this week the weather forecast calls for sunny skies all week so I’m planning several (or as many as time allows!). I can’t wait for summer and warmer weather so the outdoors can happen pretty much any time!

Outdoor Adventures are my favorite kind! Top photo is my rad dude under Tamanawas Falls (I didn’t pick that flower btw, I found it on the ground during a hike at Angel’s Rest) Firm believer in leaving nature in tact!


I’m putting something super special together for the website (specifically those starting their own fitness journey) I don’t want to give too much info away but I’m really excited and hoping it’s ready by July! I have the draft written up but the final product is being built in both Photoshop/Office so it’s taking some time, as mentioned above, I have quite a lot going on so it’s hard to make a whole lot of progress in all the areas I want to!


On the topic of having a lot going on, one of the things I’ve gotten much worse about since not having a “job” is my organizational skills and multitasking skills. They pretty much went out the window with the stress that was lost when I quit my day job. I’m already the most fickle (oh look a squirrel!) person I know and get off task very easily so I need to spend the rest of this evening scheduling important things this week, and utilizing my time more efficiently. The working and career oriented side of me was always focused on increased efficiency and would be freaking out at the lack of it recently!

Till next time! Have a great week!

Whatever this week throws at you just remember, you got this.

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴

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