Tone Up Thursday | Hiking Edition

Thursday is about to come to an end, and this entire week has flown by way too fast. I suppose the amazing Oregon weather has had something to do with it! It’s been in the 70’s most of the week, which means I chose to spend most of it outdoors!

I though I would share my hikes this week because I do consider hiking a form of working out, in fact I think it’s an amazing workout (well within reason!) I’d much prefer the outdoors over a treadmill or the stifling walls of a gym.

The first hike this week was to Wahclella Falls in the Columbia River Gorge on Tuesday (on this particular day I also did my regular workout before leaving). It’s only 2 miles and has an elevation gain of 300 ft, give or take so it’s easy peasy. But it’s gorgeous, and definitely one of my favorites (I say that about all hikes btw πŸ˜‚). The only part about it that I would change is the time of day I was there, I had a late start so I began the hike right around mid day, and the sun was harsh and sitting just to the left of the trail and falls so photographing anything was difficult, and the sun was in my eyes the entire time. I’d just go earlier or later next time. Another warning: the parking lot is tiny, and I had to park almost another mile away, so my total walking distance was just over 3 miles.

The “hike” to/from my parked car… at least it was pretty!

trail head

This photo does NO justice, it really is an impressive falls… but terrible lighting!
Today I did Silver Falls Trail of Ten Falls, it’s also not all that challenging but if you aren’t used to hiking 8 miles it might feel worse than it is. The elevation gain is about 1,300 feet and is roughly 8.7 miles long. And you literally see 10 amazing waterfalls, I swear this should be considered a wonder of the world. Again, one of my favorite hikes, I hadn’t done it in almost a decade!

I started at South Falls, you can walk behind this one, which is always amazing

Double Falls (it’s my favorite due to it’s location off the beaten path)

This is behind North Falls
Both hikes were great and I’m so glad the weather was perfect! I’m debating on whether I want to go hiking again tomorrow or be a productive adult. It’s a hard decision. And there are so many hikes within a 30-40 minute drive… and with 2 more days of nice weather, I’m thinking I’ll end up doing a 2-3 mile hike.

Here are two photos from Wednesday, I didn’t hike but I took my mom to the “Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival” and it was so beautiful! Here is a lil sneak peak πŸ’

IMG_4851 IMG_4850

Sorry for the literal photo bomb! But I’m a strong encourager of getting outside, getting fresh air and being in nature. So excited for summer and exploring Oregon even more than I have before!

Happy Trails ✌🏼

-Beach Body Bliss

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