Sunday Lately|4

Sundays are for preparing! Do you use Sundays as a day to mentally, physically (and for your working peeps, emotionally) prepare yourselves for the week ahead?

I always do, it’s also Sunday Runday (which just means I really like words that rhyme and setting aside a day to do a long run!) I haven’t participated in Sunday Runday for the last two weeks due to having a bit “too much” fun on Saturday, so my goal today is to ensure I get it done… should be pretty easy considering my 30 day no alcohol challenge!

Here was last nights remedy for wanting to throw back a cocktail…

1/2 of a Lime La Croix mixed with 1/4 glass strawberry lemonade in a wine glass. Perfect!

The Sunday Lately Blogger Tribe word prompts are: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, and Feeling.


As I was saying, I’m planning my week. Healthy clean eating, increased protein, increased weight training, and I’m adding at least 2 more hikes to the weeks workouts. I think I’ve lined up some company on my hikes too so that’s a plus! As much as I love alone time, and how being alone in nature makes me feel so at peace (I’m an introvert after all) I feel much safer with at least another person with me and of course company is always welcomed!


Golf. I love golf, and the sun, and life in general. I’m loving how I feel stronger every day even if my so-called progress isn’t super fast. Today I wore shorts golfing and the last time I wore them in Sept 2015, I was bursting out of the seams (and didn’t even want to golf because of how uncomfortable I was in my clothes and with my body) and today those shorts were so big on me I could pull them on/off without unbuttoning/unzipping them. That is progress! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

I’ll thumbs up to that! and also golf boards are rad!

Still plugging away at the Personal Trainer/Nutrition text books… I think I definitely need to reschedule my testing to some time in June… but I really want to be done and have the certification and figure out how I plan to utilize those skills.


That my bf and daughter were not sick, and that I also don’t get sick. Seems like we all just got over this stuff and now it’s back again!


Determined, more than ever to get over this plateau that I seem to be stuck on. Not going to give up. Summer is coming whether I’m ready or not so I’ll be as ready as I can possibly be!

As we head into this week remember…

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

Great Things Come to Those Who Hustle.

-Andrew Rinhart

-Beach Body Bliss 🍍

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