Adventure Time

I was on Instagram recently when I saw a quote pic that read:

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed

and to have my senses put in order” – John Burroughs

Took the words right out of my mouth.. or fingertips? You decide.

Words really can’t describe how being in nature makes me feel… alive, solitude, joy, carefree, thoughtful, introspective, appreciative, gratitude. Even more so since I started hiking alone recently. It’s definitely gotten a strong hold on my heartstrings.

I’ve been outdoorsy my whole life, most of my favorite memories include family camping trips as a kid or fishing with my dad, uncle and big brother. When Kris and I first met and started dating, one of our favorite things to do was hike/camp. It was a shared love and going on these little adventures definitely created a strong bond. I’ll always cherish those memories.

Despite my unfailing support for Kris’s business ventures (and everything else) the one thing that I always hated once he started Securus Contact Systems was the fact that as co-owner and Chief Technology Officer (the guy who created the infrastructure and maintains it) is that it means foregoing camping trips, hiking and traveling anywhere that there isn’t reliable and consistent cellular service. It took a lot of inner work on my part to not be angry that we couldn’t do the things I loved most. But thanks to my love for him, I was able to see that “someday” we would be able to do all those things again…

3.5 years later and we’ve made it! Looking back I can’t believe it’s been that long, and I also can’t believe that I pitched a fit a least once, maybe even several times about missing out on these adventures. I know it sounds petty in the grand scheme of things, and it is. I’m just glad that period of our lives is over and we can get back to exploring!

I’ve gotten quite the head start since I’m no longer working and have time, but this weekend I tricked Kris into coming with me on a hike. I say tricked because A) I had no clue what I was doing/where we were going B) I knew there was no cell service and his technology guy isn’t quiet up and running self sufficiently without him. But hey a girl has to do what a girl has to do 😜

Where did we go? Abiqua Falls. It is a place I feel like everyone should see at least once. I would go time and again and probably will. If you’re reading this and plan to visit there (which you should) here are some things you should know:

  • It’s on private land, owned by The Monks of Mt. Angel Abby and it is part of the Silver Falls group of waterfalls but for obvious reasons, is not part of the state park. The Abby allows visitors so you aren’t trespassing
  • There are no trail indicator, or road markings to let you know you are in the right place.
  • The road to the trailhead, which is not maintained, is ridiculously rough (think off roading, my Mercedes definitely wouldn’t have made it)
  • There is no cell service
  • When you think you’ve probably gone too far- keep going
  • There may be suspicious looking “country folk”
  • It can be crowded (I’m guessing if you went super early or during the week it would be less crowded… another reason I like weekday hiking)
  • Follow this Hike Guide as best you can to get their (it is a little off but does a decent job)
  • The .8 mile “Hike” is less a hike and more of a climb. But it’s fun.
  • The view is priceless
  • Oh and as the hike guide states, stay away from the trail to the right of the actual trail, it leads to a very high drop off

So ya. Priceless view.

Abiqua Falls
First look at the falls

Abiqua Falls
closer view

There is always time for funny faces and a selfie stick 😜

Honestly had no idea that the terrain out in this area was so wild and beautiful
If you are in Oregon and have somehow missed venturing out to this falls, I promise it is worth the torn up gravel road, the unmarked trail, and the climb in/out of the basalt amphitheater. You will be forever grateful that you saw this place.

I did two other great hikes this last week but I’ll end here because this is already turning into a book! Hope you enjoyed the weekend and have an amazing week ahead!

Beach Body Bliss 🌴

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