Bikini Series 2016

Every Tone It Up girl is squealing at the top of their lung right now… we even broke the website, on accident of course. But as soon as us TIU girls get the “calm before the Bikini Series storm” email the website is sure to go down. It did! Oops.

What exactly is the “Bikini Series” you ask? Well, it’s an 8 week challenge that is the absolute highlight of the Tone It Up community and their workout programming.  It’s free (aside from the Nutrition Plan, which I have and use here and there), all of the videos are filmed at some crazy beautiful beach, in this case Turks & Caicos (swoon πŸ’•) Those participating in the challenge can win great weekly prizes by checking in and using specific hashtags on social media. And then at the end of the 8 weeks, participants can submit their transformations/results and there is always at least 1 Grand Prize winner (they win a paid trip to Turks & Caicos with a friend and usually they surprise us by giving away more than one grand prize winner!)

I’ve never won… but part of the reason I’ve never won is because in the 3 years I’ve followed TIU, I’ve never actually finished the Bikini Series! I found TIU in Jan 2013, and managed to lose almost 15 pounds doing their workouts and using the nutrition plan but it was right around April 2013 that my entire life took that downward spiral into oblivion (and I gained a whopping 20 pounds from April to June 2013 and continued to gain until last summer). The other reason I haven’t won is because I don’t ever win anything! 😜

So why am I so excited about the Bikini series if I’ve never even completed it? One reason: because this time I know will. The most beautiful part of my fitness journey this far isn’t the dramatic physical transformation, but rather the internal transformation that has happened with my will and determination. Never in my life have I been so committed to anything, as I am my fitness goals. Plus I completed the entire 8 week New year challenge they did, except the last 5 days because I genuinely had the flu.

Aside from prizes and the chance to win an incredible trip, what else can you get with the Bikini Series?

  • A community of genuinely thoughtful, helpful, and motivating women. I love my tiu girls, they make being part of the TIU community exactly what it is: Uplifting.
  • Workout guides that you can follow as your stand alone fitness program, or you can mix it up like I do and take classes etc. along with their guide. But they do all the planning for you so if you don’t feel like thinking about your fitness during the week, K & K have you covered!
  • If you have the nutrition plan, they have meals planned out for you and I can vouch for how effective the nutrition plan is, not only with the 15 pounds I lost but the number of women that I have met who have lost 30+ pounds using it. Even if you don’t have the plan there are plenty of great recipes that they release for free each week (or recipes that TIU girls make and post to social media) that can be used to help get you to whatever goals you may have.
  • Accountability. You make a solid commitment to stick to it, you have a huge community of ladies doing the same things as you and help push you to be your best. I can’t tell you the number of times in the past that I didn’t want to workout but I would log on to social media and see all the checkins and other women getting in their workout or posting a delicious meal and it would motivate me to get my lazy butt up and get going.

I’m in for the challenge, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico July 13th-18th! And I want to be as ready as I can be. Check it out and join me, you can catch all of the fun of the bikini series on Insta (linked at the bottom and top of my website), come join me! It starts April 24th! πŸ‘™

Click HERE for a direct link to more info and to download the starter pack!

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴

(This is not a paid endorsement, I just really love TIU!)


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