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Anyone who’s ever worked around me knows that I’m all about being efficient… and that includes my workouts. Although there’s a time and place for long, intense and grueling workouts, I don’t believe in spending countless hours working out every day. There are plenty of ways to maximize your workouts!

My favorite efficient workout moves include “full body” or total body moves that utilize several major muscle groups. When these major muscle groups work together they burn more calories,  and help boost your metabolism for longer periods after your workout.

Here are some of my favorites

Burpees– We all hate them, but we all need to do them 😜 (if you meet someone who loves them can you introduce them to me so I can shake their hand?) Begin in a standing position, bend down to a squat position then kick your legs back and do a push-up, jump your legs forward towards your hands and return to start position. Repeat 10-15x (you can always modify burpees by walking your legs back/forward instead of jumping, and doing push-up on your knees, you can also reduce the number of burpees in the set)

Reverse lunge with Bicep Curl– As you perform the reverse lunge, contract your biceps to curl the weight towards your shoulders, release as you come out of the lunge. Switch legs and repeat for 12-15 reps. Remember to keep your abs engaged throughout the exercise.

Squat with Shoulder Press– Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands near your shoulders. As you squat down remember to load your weight in your heels and sit far back, while squatting press the dumbbells straight up above your head. Return to start and repeat for 12-15 reps.

Sit-up with a Cross “Punch”– Lay in a standard sit-up position, legs bent with your arms bent at chest level and holding dumbbells, sit up and punch your right arm across your body to the other side of your knee and slightly higher. Return to start and and switch to the left arm. Repeat for 12-15 reps

Quad Lean w Arm Raise– Get on your mat or floor on your knees, keep your body upright over your knees. Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands and in front of your legs. Lean back slowly and raise the dumbbells in front of you so they are parallel to ground, when you feel your quads contract, return to start. Remember not to let your hips dip down, you want to keep your body in straight alignment through the lean. Repeat for 12-15 reps.

Mountain Climbers– In a plank position, bring one knee toward your chest, switch legs and repeat. Go as fast as you can while keeping good plank form. Repeat 12-15x

Remember to use a weight that is challenging! You can do these moves together to create a full body workout or incorporate them individually into any workout! 


(Get creative if you don’t have dumbbells, use water bottles or even wine bottles… Or no weights! no excuses right? πŸ‘πŸΌ)

Leave me a comment with your favorite full body exercises! Enjoy! ✌🏼️

Beach Body Bliss🌴

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