Summer Bucket List

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Words can’t even begin to describe how stoked I am for Summer!! Will I be as fit as I hoped I would be last September when I got serious about my fitness goals? I’m guessing probably not πŸ˜‚ (as I said in my last post, progress has been slow). But I know with absolute certainty that I will be more fit than the last two summers, and my heart will be in a different place… it already is. You know a girl is serious about her goals when she turns down a spontaneous trip to Hawaii because she made a promise to herself not to drink for 30 days in April… no one goes to Hawaii and doesn’t drink, right? Not me anyway! I think we’re going for a long weekend in May, so I’m pretty pumped about that in addition to summer being oh-so-close!

Every year I create a bucket list, usually I toss it somewhere and forget about it because summer has typically been a blur of long work hours and trying to keep two teenagers out of trouble and entertained at the same time. But this year is looking a lot different!


Here’s my short Bucket List of things that I’m going try and make happen one way or another! And *gasp* they aren’t all directly related to fitness goals!

  1. Camp at least 1 time per month from June-Sept
  2. Rent a convertible (possibly a classic car) for a long weekend and drive the coastline down to Big Sur! (this is going to take some convincing with the other half…)
  3. Complete the 52 Hike Challenge (I did hike #11 on Friday)
  4. Cabo San Lucas for our friends wedding in July (this is absolutely happening, it just got booked last week! Yay!)
  5. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  6. Hike Mt. Defiance: considered an extremely difficult hike with an elevation gain of 4,940 feet and 11.6 miles by the end of summer, or October at the latest. Kris and I heard about this hike when we did “Dog Mt.” for the first time and I’ve always wanted to do it but life and weight gain got in the way. (Accomplishing this is going to require me doing several hikes that are more difficult than usual to prepare for it, and Dog Mt., which I have hiked several times before, will be one of them… but even the thought of that one scares me at the moment!)
  7. Get orthodontic treatment… yeah you read that correctly, I’m getting braces. I’ve waited since I was 10 years old for this to happen. I was very close to getting braces several times as an adult, but for financial reasons could never actually do it. This time we’re making it happen for sure. My dental insurance starts back up June 1st and I need to get some issues taken care of and then I become brace face as a 34 year old πŸ˜¬ (my birthday June 13th!) This is so huge for me, I don’t think anyone understands how important this is one thing is. 

I could think of hundreds more but these 7 will definitely be motivators to keep me on the “straight and narrow,” and prepare me to be at my best by Summer. Who doesn’t love motivation to be even more fit?

What are you hoping to accomplish this summer?! Leave a comment 😊

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  • I’m feeling that last item on your list! I am 27 and want braces too, but the dentist scares me haha. Good luck with your bucket list! You can do this 😊

    • I’m scared of the dentist too! But I’m going to need to get over that real quick! πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

  • Number 2 (Driving to Niagara Falls) and 5 are definitely going on my list and then again I need pick up where I left off with my fitness goals. Amazing read by the way Tee. Goodluck with your list.