Interval Running

Are you looking to refresh your cardio routine? Maybe not, but interval runs are always fun and challenging, amirite?!

Today I am sharing my go-to interval run. I do this several times a week and if I am running on the treadmill I always put it on an incline to give myself even more of a challenge, it usually does the trick and I’m always a sweaty-red-faced mess when I’m done.

There is quite a bit of research that promotes Interval cardio training over steady state.. I think both have their time and place and serve different purposes. So I do both. Generally I do 3 days of intervals (not including HIIT training) and about 2 days of steady state or as BBG girls/Kayla call it, LISS (low intensity steady state cardio). Normally I do that on rest days or days where my body isn’t performing as well as I’d like. Otherwise I’m doing my once weekly long run or Intervals! I love the fact that Intervals increase calorie burning even after your workout and study’s say that it also helps store fat differently so those are some pro’s, the major thing that I love is that it makes me strong and able to run more efficiently and perform better overall. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my heart rate since I started doing intervals, both when I’m resting and when I’m exerting energy.

Interval Training! Pow!


By the time you get to Level 9-10 and repeat that interval sequence 5 times you should be feeling it. It’s right about that time when I play “Fight Song” and reach down into the pit of my soul and ask why I do this… then I remember, duh. GOALS.

πŸ˜‚ funny…

This workout can also be done on an Elliptical, Stair machine or Bike to change it up if you don’t feel like running!

Enjoy! ✌🏼

Quote of the Week:

“You will never always be motivated.

You have to Learn to be Disciplined.”- Gymaholics

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴


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