Workout Wednesday| Booty Exercises

H A P P Y   H U M P   D A Y!

This week I switched up my workout routine a bit because I needed a time out on Monday. It was just one of those days… so today turned into my favorite day, booty building day! If I haven’t made it obvious yet, my favorite part of my body to train are my legs and booty… in part because I want a killer ass and in part because these are areas I’m stronger in and it makes training easier 😬

So today I am sharing my favorite booty building exercises. I decided a couple of week ago to tone down my training days for legs/booty because my legs are getting too big at the moment, so what I have been doing is splitting up the exercises that work the glutes and legs. Of course most of the exercises work both areas, but there is definitely a greater emphasis on which muscles get worked within the different moves.

My Favorite Booty Building Exercises!



I tend to use weights while doing squats and lunges, and will often times do lateral raises, shoulder presses or bicep curls while squating or lunging to get some extra burn going. But by all means you can just use your body weight and get a great workout. I also like to use resistance bands with the standing kickback, but it isn’t necessary.

Tips on how to perform these moves with maximum glute engagement:

  1. When doing squats or lunges remember to keep your weight in your heels, and “sit back,” when pushing up out of the squat or lung squeeze those glutes!
  2. Always squeeze your glutes with each exercise to ensure you are getting the most out of the movements

A little note on the laying booty lift with hamstring curl:

  • Start by laying on your stomach with your hands/arms resting in front of your face for stability
  • Using your booty and lower back, raise your legs off of the floor
  • Then bend your knees, curling your legs back towards your booty. I love this one because it works your lower back, your hamstrings and that lower booty area

A little note about the Clam exercise:

  • Begin by laying on your side
  • Your legs should be slightly bent and in alignment
  • Lift your top leg and bring the knee down to touch the stationary knee, your heel should be up in the air
  • Next, open back into a clam and touch your heels together, this is one rep
  • Repeat

Here are the exercises in the form of an exercise routine, save it to your phone for quick access! 😊 🍑



If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Before I end this post I thought I would leave you with this very funny meme found on Insta via SELF magazine….

It’s funny cause it’s true 😂

Have a great rest of the week!

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴

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  • Have you ever thought about posting a short video to go along with these? Only because I read them and sometimes I don’t know what all of them are. Great moves though! I’ve been working a lot on my glutes lately to stop my hip overcompensating. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • Yes but I haven’t had the nerve to do it just yet… or proper equipment! But I will absolutely be doing videos in the future or step by step photos, so stay tuned for that 😊

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