Happy Earth Day!

🌱 H A P P Y   E  A R T H    D A Y! 🌎

I was hoping the weather today would be on point so I could do a really amazing hike, but the weather is not cooperating… typical Oregon!

Several weeks ago I realized Earth Day was coming and I began to think about what I do to help keep Earth clean and reduce my carbon footprint… and I contemplated on the things that I could do that might benefit this Earth and my community.

I had two ideas that seemed natural and easy for me to do aside from recycling, reducing, and reusing as much as possible. I’ll admit I’m not the most carbon foot friendly person, but I do try when I can. And I detest littering… it’s my idea of what the devil is 😈


The first idea came to mind as I was hiking and noticed several pieces of trash along the trail. I picked up a few of the things (an empty pack of cigs, ew… and the round plastic piece on the cap of a bottle) but my pack is pretty small and mostly full of things that are needed to be safe on a hike so I wasn’t prepared to pick up trash and carry it around. But on all my hikes since then, I have brought a small bag to throw things in and if need be I can hang it on the outside of my pack… Luckily the trails are mostly clean!

The second is something I have wanted to do for years but never had the time to do. Again while out hiking recently, I noticed several trails that were worn out, foot bridges that were not functioning etc… so I contacted a local hiking trail maintenance program and will be volunteering on an ongoing basis to help maintain/rebuild trails. I’m so excited to do this, I literally have wanted to do this since I was in my late teens and I can’t wait to get started.

Here are some photos from my last several hikes, I try to do 1-2 each week!

Metlako Falls on the Eagle Creek trail to High Bridge, it’s not accessible by foot, well not safely anyway.

Punchbowl falls, from the front

Love being in the forest! This is the Multnomah- Wahkeena loop trail

“Fairy Falls”

Weisendanger Falls

Top part of Multnomah Falls, so pretty. Took this with my ollo clip for my iPhone!

Hiked part of the PCT (pacific crest trail) to Dry Creek Falls

beautiful hike

This is me loving the fact that I had the trail to myself, and the falls to myself. So peaceful and serene!

Dry Creek Falls
What sort of things do you do to protect the Earth? I would love to hear more ideas!

Have a great Friyay! Be on the look out later for a little “Fitness Friday” fun here on the blog and also on Insta 😊

-Beach Body Bliss 🌲

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