Sunday Lately|5

This has been a weekend of complete indulgence… one part of me wants to be upset and the other just wants be happy that I had fun and felt carefree in the moment. I failed my 30 days of no drinking this weekend, but I’m trying not to let it get me down… I did make it 21 days without so I guess that isn’t a total fail.

For those who don’t know, “Sunday Lately” is a blogging group with the Blogger Tribe where we virtually hang out each week and share links. The weekly word prompts for this week include: updating, favorites, remembering, enjoying, doing (I changed a couple of them)


My website will be getting a little lift, there are some menu changes I need to make and have been lazy about. It shouldn’t take long once I sit down and get it done. Check back to see the changes!


Oh my… so many. This last week was one of those weeks where I had a bunch of packages come in and it felt like Christmas… or my birthday!

Picked up these adorable items! This beautiful Aerie Bralette and these too cute Palm Print Shorts and the Tarte “rainforest of the sea” collection which is sold out because it’s amazing.
Tone It Up Bikini Series Package MEETS Team Unico! TIU Bundle: Shoulder tote bag, lunch bag, 8 week nutrition and exercise journal, TIU socks, beach towel and beach ball. So adorable! Got my Unico Swag Tank and it’s so comfy, and Also the new Apollo Raw/Vegan protein powder! Get it here -> Apollo RAW Protein and use code BEACH1 for free fast FedEx shipping!
This bunny I found off our patio in the morning 😊
This bunny I found off our patio in the morning 😊
Given my love for the sea, a girl like me can't pass up on a wine glass with whales and "Seas the Day" painted on it! 🐳
Given my love for the sea, a girl like me can’t pass up on a wine glass with whales and “Seas the Day” painted on it! 🐳


My sister in law put together an artisan cheese package for us and I need to pick it up tomorrow! Fontina cheese is also my favorite.


Well I was enjoying this view….

We hit the road on friday evening and got this amazing room at The Stephanie Inn at Canon Beach, we were about 20 steps from the actual beach and had a corner room with is view. Beautiful sunset and we had a fire on the beach!


Getting ready for the Bikini Series to start tomorrow, my goals for the Bikini Series includes:

  • Drop body fat%
  • Biceps… i want biceps.
  • Continue limiting Alcohol
  • Limiting carbs/starches past 3pm
  • 150 miles by summer
  • Complete all the workouts as scheduled for the 8 weeks

I’m mostly all prepped, I have a few groceries to pick up tomorrow but my week is scheduled and I’m pumped! 💪🏽 I’m also planning some hikes for the week in addition to my workout schedule. It’s time to bring it!

That’s my recent life in a nutshell! Have a great week ahead.

-Beach Body Bliss  🍍



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