Friday Fit Faves

Oh hey there Friday, we meet again!

Today we’re off to Seattle so I’m extremely thankful for scheduled posts! I wanted to share some of my favorite things from the past week and those include:

My most recent hike, Fit Approach, and these great Fitness Friday moves!

I’m going to start with the last thing mentioned because backwards is fun right? 😜

Take a few minutes today and complete these moves 1-3x through. You can do it after rolling out of bed, on your lunch, after your mid day nap, or do it in between commercials, or whenever you feel like! Just do it πŸ‘πŸΌ


If you don’t have weights for the shoulder press, just do them without, or grab some water bottles, wine bottles or a couple books. You know the old saying, “No Excuses!” 😊

And how about this super cute snapback and pink shoe laces from Fit ApproachDo you #sweatpink? I know I do!


Lastly, I had to change up my hiking plan a bit because I am fairly sure I have done every waterfall hike (at least twice) that is within an hour drive. I’m very adventurous but I feel like I shouldn’t hike alone so far away, so my new focus is “mountains.”
Not like Everest, or even Mt. Hood… but more like the smallish cute mountains that are beautiful and hike-able in a day! There’s even some of those I won’t do alone, but today I did “Wind Mountain” and it was gorgeous. 2.5 miles total, with an elevation gain of 1,771 in about a mile (so for me this was a little more difficult than some others). I can’t wait to venture to more places I haven’t hiked before!

seriously, whoever did this is awesome!

found a cozy rock to relax on, it it even had a butt impression that fit mine. it was meant to be 😊

Top of Wind Mt. looking west

this is what we call a sweaty selfie- unshowered, red hot, sweaty and bathed in sunlight! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

always love being under the trees !
Hope you enjoyed a little bit of my favorites! If you are from Washington or Oregon and happen to come across this, I hope you take some time to venture to Wind Mt. It took me just over an hour to finish, and it’s well worth it!

Have a great weekend!

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴





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