Sunday Runday!

Here is some real talk… Not only have I not ran on a Sunday in several weeks, I have hardly ran at all in the last 30 days. Not because I have been skipping workouts and forgetting my ultimate goal, but because of the dreaded shin splints. I’ve gotten them on and off briefly over the last 5-7 years but I was doing really well and hadn’t gotten them during my early days of training when I first started my weightless journey. I think hiking in ill fitting shoes helped. In addition to that I have an almost completely black left big toe and my right big toe is turning as well. I was hoping I could get away with lots of running and hiking without it happening, but NOPE! 

So, I took a little break from running. But I got back to it yesterday and completed a very slow 3.1 mile run. Today I did another 3.1 miles at a bit faster pace but not much, and it felt great! I missed running so much. (For any new readers visiting today, I did track/field and cross country running in middle and high school, and have completed many 5/10k’s. Up until a couple years ago I had been an avid runner and it’s always been one of my favorite forms of both working out as well as a way for me to manage the stresses of life!)

In other news, my motivation is completely returned and I couldn’t be happier about that! Hawaii and Mexico here we come! Also updated the RAM and hard drive on my Macbook pro, and I ordered a white marble cover for it and the speed is amazing! It’s like a brand new laptop. It is definitely going to help me get some of the upcoming website content created much faster. Wooooo!

Life with a cat 😻 she’s my workout buddy!
This coming week will be interesting as we are headed back to Seattle tomorrow afternoon for a medical procedure that Kris is having done. The hotel has a fitness center, plus we’ll be on the waterfront so I am trying to map out a nice run if the weather isn’t bad… The first few blocks after the waterfront have some great hills! He’ll be in surgery (including pre and post op for 9 hours) so I’ll need to find some things to keep busy.

I love how easy Tone It Up makes it to plan my workouts for the week πŸ’—
Have a great week ahead! Go out an crush your goals! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴



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  • I need your motivation girl! I’m having such a hard time getting back into running. I’m interested to hear more about the Tone It Up program!

    • Some days the motivation is harder to find! You should definitely check out the Tone it Up program, it’s been a lot of fun. I’m on week 4 of an 8 week program (that is free or has bits and pieces you pay into) Here is a link!