Goal Day 2016 | Fitbit Challenge


Today I’m talking about goals, Fitbit goals to be specific. If you have a Fitbit and you’re anything like me, you love your Fitbit and take your daily steps very seriously! (Ok maybe not always, but mostly)

What are your Fitbit goals? Do you want to increase steps, active minutes, or amount of days you exercise per week? Why not start this Saturday May 21st?  (Don’t have a Fitbit? Who cares, take a moment to challenge yourself to get out there and be as active as possible!)

Fitbit is challenging you to set a goal and crush it! Visit their site Here to learn about how you can join in and reach your goals with me and the rest of the world. It’s easy to participate, with 4 easy steps:

  • If you don’t already have the app (which I know you do, if you have a Fitbit) download it or open the app and tap “Challenges”
  • Create your Goal Day challenge (you can start as early as May 20th)
  • Take the challenge alone, or add your Fitbit friends, then hit START!
  • Open and check the app for your goal stats, you can send inspiring messages to friends too 😊

Be sure to use #goalday2016 in your Insta or Twitter posts to follow along with the challenge on social media! And remember, it might just be one day, but let Goal Day be a reminder to you that you can achieve your goals every day.

“Hustle and Heart

Will Set You Apart!”


What are My Goals?

  1. 22+k steps
  2. 15+ floors
  3. 6+ miles
  4. Hit all 12 of my active hours (200+ steps every hour for 12 hours)

Boom. Challenge accepted and soon to be crushed! 👊🏼 If you have a Fitbit, share your goals in the comments or find me on Insta and share your goals on my post!

Have fun and don’t leave your Fitbit at home!

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴 



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