Best Wine and Healthy Popcorn Pairing

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the exciting news! Wine and Popcorn. It’s a thing, and it’s a delicious thing I might add. If you don’t believe me you can google it, or watch an episode of Scandal where you will find Olivia Pope does in fact drink wine and eat popcorn at the same time.

But here’s the thing, I always seek healthier options when I can… chances are if you’re here on my blog you do to! I have a solution. SkinnyPop! I tried this popcorn not long ago (because If you don’t know, I could live off of popcorn. It’s a literal problem that I have) and it was a great snacking solution for my popcorn addiction without all the guilt from the super buttery/salty kind I normally buy (and used to pour more melted butter over. Ugh) Feel free to check out this link HERE for more info on SkinnyPop.

Here is a great place to start your wine and healthy(ier) popcorn pairings!

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SkinnyPop Wine


You can also get this variety pack here (SkinnyPop Popcorn 100 Calorie Bag Variety Pack of 10*) everyone needs a little variety in their lives right? It’s hard to resist this stuff when the entire bag is 100 calories. Now you can get your binge Netflix’ing on, and with the season premiere of The Bachelorette yesterday… you’re all set! Thank me later 😊


-Beach Body Bliss 🌴

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