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A day set aside especially for runners? That’s my kind of day! Chances are you fall into one of 3 categories: 1) I Love Running 2) I Hate Running with a Fiery Passion 3) I run because I like Pizza more. So I apologize in advance if you fall under 2!

June 1st is Global Running Day and I’m linking up with other runners in the fitness community to reflect on running and how it impacts our lives. I know that running is an essential part of my life and not just my fitness program… and I know there are thousands of others who feel the same!  Many thanks to Kristen over at who is hosting our Running Day link-up, and for asking us all questions that focus on running.

Don’t forget that you can even print out some cool running bibs to officially participate! How fun right?! Visit Brooks running for more! You can also do an official pledge at

A Look Into My Miles


Why do you run?

When I was a kid I was constantly the one asking to race everyone to the nearest door, sign, or street… and I always won. I had so much energy that running was the only thing I could do to release it all! I’ve been running ever since (with a fairly long break a couple years ago) In the present, I run because it’s like a form of therapy… if I’m having a bad day a quick run can cure it! If I’m angry… I run and feel instantly happier. I also run to either stay in shape or get in shape, and to increase my endurance for hiking and snowboarding!

How do you plan on celebrating Global Running Day?

I planned to do a trail run… There is something really inspiring about being out on a trail (or somewhere new) while running. Sadly my day has already not gone as planned so I may end up running on the treadmill this evening (for two days now I have had some sort of stomach bug or slight food poisoning maybe. Thanks a lot life 👌🏼😬

How many miles have you ran this year? Do you have a milage goal for the year?

That’s hard to say, I run an average of 10-14 miles per week, so probably around 200+, and I don’t have a goal in terms of mileage. I’m not doing any competitive racing this year so I’m just spending my time enjoying my runs free of any goals or pressure.

Before I leave for a run I must have?

Headphones (I only keep one in tho… gotta be safe!), flipbelt or other phone/keys/ID holder, and a great attitude!

Do you track your runs?

Yes and no, If I am doing an outdoor run I track via GPS on my Fitbit HR or Nike+ and if I am running indoors I just use my Fitbit workout mode to track steps/miles because it doesn’t track GPS properly otherwise.

Who is your favorite running partner?

I don’t really have one, sometimes (mostly in the past) my BF Kris will join me, but I usually want to do a longer run than he has time for or wants to run for. Otherwise I run solo! But I am thinking about joining a running club or starting one of my own!

If you have to give one piece of advice about running, what would it be?

Don’t give up… I don’t always love to run, on those days I remind myself to keep going a little further and before I know it I’m past the “screw this, I’m gonna go have a donut” phase of the run. Sometimes you have to tell yourself to shut up and keep going!

Describe your relationship with running in one word:



What are you doing for Global Running Day?

Comment below! Happy Running! ✌🏽

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