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So, it’s June 3rd and I’m not even sure that May actually happened… That’s how fast it flew by. In some ways I’m really excited about that (so much closer to summer!) but on the other hand, I also need more vacation prep time!

Hawaii is only 9 days away! Sadly Memorial Day weekend had a few set backs… I definitely had a splurge day (ok maybe two) and gained 3 pounds… Yes that’s all it takes for me to gain 3-5 pounds. And then, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’ve had some sort of stomach issue so I’ve been out of the game since Tuesday.

Can’t wait to enjoy this again!

One of the fitness finds I was super excited about is my recent purchase of CLASSPASS,Β If you’re not familiar with it, I hope you at least click the link to find out more info. I love taking classes and rarely use my gym (24 HR Fitness) classes because sometimes they are boring and repetitive. So Classpass is a great option for me! What are my favorite aspects of CP?

  • There are tons of studios to choose from… some are close by and some further away (which can be nice when I want to really branch out)
  • Not only are there plenty of studios to choose from, they have lots of different classes.. Like Kickboxing, Cross fit, Nia, Zumba, Pilates reform, and they even have slots open for regular gym time! Win!
  • It’s cost efficient. They have some great packages, that in my opinion, are reasonable. I picked the 5 Classpass package so that will give me the opportunity to enjoy at least 1 class per week.
  • I can cancel ANY time I want
  • They have a super easy app to use to find cool classes and sign up for a class or cancel.
photo is from the classpass app

I haven’t signed up for any classes yet but plant to take my first class this upcoming week (I’ll update about it after)Β I think I’m going to love it! There are several studios I’ve wanted to try (like Pluse PDX) but I didn’t want to commit to a package just for that studio. Yet another win πŸ‘πŸ½

On different note, something fun I’ve been doing for the bikini series is this fun thing called “100 by summer” where us TIU ladies track 100 miles of running by summer time (or 150 miles for those overachievers, ya I see you!) We have 8 weeks to complete it. I only have about 57 miles complete due to getting shin splints at the beginning of the challenge but I’m hoping to step it up and at least hit the 100 mark by the 20th. Gonna need to pick up the pace (literally) if I want to make it!

Remeber, if you’re interested in CLASSPASS click this linkΒ HEREΒ to get $20 bucks off (I’ll also get $20 bucks off too, yay!)

Have a happy Friyay and a great weekend ahead!

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴


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