Transformation Tuesday (On a Friday!)

Although I’m a stickler for never being late to real life events, apparently I can’t say the same for social media/blogging. So today’s post comes to you several days late! Oops 😬Seems like all I can manage here at Beach Body Bliss is weekly posts, but that is technically still considered “regular blogging,” right? For my sake, let’s say yes.

I’ve been a busy bee. Busy working out, busy planning life, busy hiking, busy studying, busy being a mom, busy thinking about vacations… Mostly just working out though. It seems as though the constant state of DOMS is not going to go away any time soon. The workout regimen has increased steadily with vacations coming up quickly!Β As I’ve mentioned recently I’m heading to Hawaii on Sunday (yikes! Only 2 days away!) So, last weekend I decided to put on a bathing suit… For 2 reasons:

  1. To use the 95+ degrees to get a base tan (with SPF 50 of course)
  2. To make some attempt to feel a bit more comfortable about wearing said bathing suit (last summer I couldn’t really fit my only larger sized suit so I really haven’t worn one since 2014)

I’m going to keep it real… I was pretty disappointed in what I saw. Through my entire journey I’ve made it known that my progress has been what I consider “slow,” and the whole bathing suit wearing only solidified that. But, I refuse to let those negative thoughts creep in and steal my joy or pride. So I dug down deep and found my happy thoughts!
Part of that process included looking at photos from the beginning of my journey (back in Sept/Oct) and comparing them to recent photos. And I also compared my day one measurements to my current measurements… I was astounded by the amount of inches I’ve lost.

Sorry about my hair in both pics but that’s what workouts do. Workout hair don’t care!

So my point? I’ll say this time and time again. I don’t need to look like a super model! I don’t… you don’t need to be perfect. The journey doesn’t need to be perfect and ultra fast to be considered “successful.” Progress is progress. Don’t ever forget that!
I’ve never shared my actual measurement numbers (because I’ll be honest and say I was originally embarrassed that I let myself get to that point) but I’m going to today… I realize now that my starting measurements and my current ones don’t dictate what I am worth, and I truly am happy and proud of my accomplishments. MY hope is that if I can even connect with one person who’s going through what I’m, and sometimes feels discouraged because they’re not “actually fit” (or as fit as they want to be) that maybe he/she will rest assured in knowing they aren’t alone. Just keep doing you boo 😘


When I tallied it all up, it comes to some 25 inches lost across my entire body. For me, that is huge (pun intended?) Ya, I’m not going to look like a Victoria’s Secret model when I’m in Hawaii… and I don’t even care!! How’s that for progress? πŸŽ‰

You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m kinda sorta proud of myself. And I am! I have so much more self love to do though, and I’m going to continue working hard to be the best version of I have seen yet of myself in my 33 years (almost 34… my birthday is Monday!)

Happy Friyay everyone, you’ll definitely see some Hawaiian vacay pics onΒ InstaΒ soΒ feel free to join my party over there!Β 

-Beach Body  Bliss 🌴


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