Summer + Fitness Essentials Giveway!

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun! I’m back from Hawaii and already jonesing for another trip! Vacations always make me want to become a permanent world traveler… Eat. Play. Explore. Drink. Sounds good, where do I sign up?! (Hopefully will get a new travel post out soon)

On another note, It’s officially summer, and to celebrate I thought it would be the perfect time to do a “Summer + Fitness” Giveaway! I’ve been working with several brands to give one lucky winner a small selection of my favorite summer and fitness products. (I have used or sampled each product that is in the giveaway and can tell you that I truly do love all of them!) Instructions on how to enter are at the end of this post!

Summer & Fitness Essentials Giveaway!


From top left to bottom right:

  1. Tapareef sunscreen remover towlettes
  2. Tone It Up insulated lunch/snack bag
  3. Tone It Up 8 Week Bikini Journal
  4. Unico Nutrition Blender Bottle
  5. St. Tropez  Self Tanner
  6. Sun Bum SPF 30
  7. Fit Approach “Sweat Pink” Laces
  8. Coola SPF 30 lip balm
  9. Two samples of Bob’s Red Mill Protein/Nutritional Boosters


More on the individual products

TapaReef Review*

These towelettes are so amazing… made with wholesome ingredients like aloe, cucumber and fruit extracts it’s the perfect way to cleanse your skin after using sunscreen, especially the water resistant stuff. I know for me personally, I am outdoors a lot and there is nothing worse that sticky sweaty-sunscreen feeling I get after outdoor activities or sun bathing on vacation. Best part about the product? Paraben and sulfate free, and you won’t find dyes or other artificial garbage in it. Plus it’s biodegradable and compostable! I love clean companies, and TapaReef is definitely enviro friendly. They also have travel packets which are super awesome to throw in your purse or beach tote, hiking bag, golf bag etc. I have really loved having them around for those times where I can’t readily access a shower but I still want to look/smell like a decent human being. In addition to the travel packets there is a full sized package of the towelettes too. Feel free to follow the link below for more info on TapaReef products!

photo belongs to TapaReef

Tone It Up Lunch Tote and Journal

You already know I love Tone It Up, and we all know how important being prepared is right? I love the lunch tote for on-the go snacks, no excuses! And I can’t say enough about this journal, I have had and used two of the journals in the past and it’s a great way to schedule/track workouts and meals/snacks, plus get some awesome little tips and motivation along the way. There’s also spots for before/after pics, measurments and weekly area’s where you can reflect and journal how things are going!

Unico Nutrition Blender Bottle

Not much to say here, except who doesn’t love a new blender bottle? I know you’ve kept protein in yours for too long and it’s still a little funky despite all your sanitizing… don’t worry, I got you! This is my new fave- dark gray and pink? Perfect!


Yes I wear unmatched socks 😬  (Pssst. If you happen to make any future purchases, you can get free shipping by using code: BEACH1)

St. Tropez Self Tanner

This is my go-to self tanner, trust me once you get through this bottle you will want to buy more (I do suggest using a self tanner glove, they are pretty cheap and help prevent streaks and turning your palms a shade they were never meant to be) This self tanner dries quickly, I’ve never had an issue with it ruining my clothes. It applies evenly and has staying power without leaving your skin feeling funky.

St.Tropez Self Tanner

Sun Bum SPF 30

What is not to love about a sun screen that is Vegan and paraben/PABA and oil free? I love it and if I’m not using a spray version of SPF, this is my go-to (also as a side note, their chapstick tastes good enough to eat, I don’t recommend it but hey just putting it out there) Oh and if you’re ever in town (Cocoa Beach FL) they will give you a free surf lesson. Yup 👍🏼

Sun Bum 🐵

Fit Approach Laces

Rock your inner girly girl while running/working out! These sturdy pink laces will spice up your life. I love sweating pink and these cool laces make it happen! I was truly excited when I became an ambassador and got a handful of these laces to give to other women on their own fitness journey, it’s the little things, right? 💗

Coola SPF 30 Liplux Balm Review*

Don’t forget those beautiful lips! I always try to use lip balm with an SPF for added protection. A lot of people skip this area but sun rays easily reach your lips so I highly recommend using SPF… especially one that is mostly organic! Made with ingredients like Shea, Avocado, and Coconut butters, Liplux glides on and keeps my lips feeling soft and nourished for hours, and I actually love that it’s scentless/flavorless… sometimes I get annoyed by various additives as they can be very distracting. This is a great go-to product that I always keep on hand in mybag, you’ll want one stashed everywhere!

Bob’s Red Mill Protein and Nutritional Boosters*

I can’t say enough about these proteins (although not included, chocolate is definitely my favorite!) I have been using these for a lot of my smoothies recently and I love several things about them: Vegan, 20g of protein per serving, chia and probiotics added. Chances are you already know about how wholesome Bob’s Red Mill is, and their new protein powders are definitely a win. I’ll be adding these to my supplement routine on an on-going basis! Join me, Fit Approach and Bob’s Red Mill for the #SummerStrong Instagram challenge going on July 18-23rd. Follow @FitApproach on Instagram for more details! And don’t let me forget, here is a coupon link in case you want to buy more protein: Bob’s Red Mill Coupon 



How to Enter the Giveaway? 

Easy peasy! Check out my Instagram @Teepadron then follow these steps:

  1. If you’re not already following me, follow me and all the tagged accounts
  2. Like the Giveaway Photo
  3. Repost the photo to your Insta

The winner will be picked at random from those who have done all 3 of the above, on June 26th!

I hope whoever the winner is will enjoy these products as much as I have, cheers to your #SummerStrong!

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴

*I was compensated for my honest opinion of these products

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