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Whenever I am lucky to travel, it always inspires my life and leaves me wanting more of those feel good vibes that only new experiences and soul soothing rest can create. I jokingly say that I wish I could be a “professional” world traveler. Guess I better start building my resume πŸ˜„

But really. Where do I sign up?

Traveling also stirs up other emotions in me… I’m already a very (self) reflective person by nature but something about exploration and adventure makes me ponder certain aspects of my life. You see all these new sights, smell a different kind of Earth, the aromas of amazing foods drift about, and the sun bathes you in a whole different light. I mean, how could that not make you think deeper? More on that later…

Ahhhh. So refreshing.

As I mentioned in previous posts, we ventured to Hawaii two weeks ago. It was a short trip, and different than our usual travels… We tend to travel with just ourselves and don’t usually do many trips with friends/family… Or travel for purposes other than simply wanting to get away. But this trip was in celebration of Kris and his two business partners 4 years of business success. We were also celebrating that the company, Securus Contact SystemsΒ was going to the Portland Business Journals 100 Top Growing Private Companies award ceremony on the day of our return (in fact it was a Luau theme coincidentally!) We ended up taking the award for 8th fastest growing company in Oregon. Yay!

So, we traveled with Β two other couples. And because of that we toned down our adventurous side so we could all enjoy the trip together and not fuss over what and how many things we would be doing. Prior to actually leaving for the trip, I had every intention to hike the infamous (and illegal) “Haiku Stairs” and scuba dive, but for several reasons, namely the one above, we decided against doing those and chose to relax, eat, drink and be merry!

We stayed at the gorgeous Marriott Ko’Olina Beach Club Resort. I really loved how lush the resort was and how open the main building was to the beauty of the ocean/lagoon. They use a lot of water features throughout the resort also, not including the 3 pools and 4 hot tubs.

One of the best parts about Ko’Olina is that it’s situated along about 3 miles of beach that features a marina, and 4 lagoons. The distance between the first and last lagoon is 1.5 miles. Adjacent to Marriott is the Aulani Disney Resort, Beach Villas Resort and the Four Seasons. All amazing properties!

this is the lagoon in front of the Four Seasons resort

Hawaii is 3 hours behind Oregon time so whenever we venture to Hawaii I always wake up well before everyone else, which was nice because it gave me the opportunity to get in some alone time (and early morning runs/walks!)

If we weren’t lounging Oceanside by the lagoon, you could usually find me here! Which I’ll take mostly any day… Especially when accompanied by a private cabana message. I’m actually not a huge fan of messages, but I really enjoyed the experience at the resort spa… One of the best messages I’ve had!

we drank a LOT of lava flows 😜

On our last day we ventured up to the North Shore of Oahu (just the two of us) which is by far my favorite part of Oahu. I love the beach bum vibes, the surfers, the more rugged “real” and country side of Hawaii. Haleiwa is my favorite. So we drove the very traffic jammed hwy up to North Shore, and stopped off at the awesome fruit stands along the way… If you haven’t tried fried bananas and a fresh cut coconut from a road side stand, then you have totally missed out! (They have avocados bigger than softballs!)

Turtle Bay sunsets will never get old!

I also tried my first “loco moco” which I loved! Yum. And we went snorkeling, I rode in my first limo and we snuck into the Disney Aulani Resort 😜

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. And we didn’t get a $2,000 ticket for doing an illegal hike! If we ever go back to Oahu (which I know we will because we really do love it!) I’m definitely doing Haiku.

I know it’s only been a bit over a week since we came back but the travel bug has bitten me hard and I can’t wait for our next trip! Next up is Mexico for our friends destination wedding, and since we’ll be there for 6 days, and have a bit more freedom I have made a list of things we can pick from, made reservations at El FarrallonΒ (it’s a gorgeous cliff side restaurant in Cabo!)Β and I found a hike that is still somewhat a secret to even the locals. So I’m super excited!

Till next time ✌🏼️

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴

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