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Oh wow, it’s been almost a month since I’ve written a blog post! So much going on with summer in full swing.

The last month has brought about quite a lot for me and I’m really excited for where things are headed, but I really need to take a moment to get out of vacation mode so I can get back to reality… maybe writing about the trip will help!

Kris and I ventured to Cabo San Lucas over the last week for our friends wedding (It was beautiful but I won’t share photos from the event as I’m not sure they would want their photos floating about the internet!) One of the best parts of vacationing is the feeling you get when you’re ready to come home. Dreams of your own soft, cozy bed dance around in your thoughts… Despite having an amazing time, I was definitely ready to be home.

This was our first time visiting Mexico and of course Cabo. It was definitely not what I expected, but it was beautiful and I look forward to future adventures in Mexico!

The Stay

Our 5 days were spent at Villa Del Palmar Beach Resort and Spa, we chose the all-inclusive package that was offered for the wedding guests. This was also our first all-inclusive experience. Having nothing to compare to, I’d say it was what I expected from research I’ve done in the past… there were some obvious pros and cons. I’ll likely not choose an all inclusive package again, simply because I do feel that resorts that don’t cater to all-inclusive crowds have better food/beverage options. Having said that Palmar did a good job and I enjoyed every chicken quesadilla that I ate (and I ate a lot of them!)

Villa del Palmar- Cabo San Lucas
Lots of gorgeous palm trees
Villa Del Palmar, Cabo San Lucas
One of two pools at Villa Del Palmar, Cabo San Lucas

We stayed in a 1 bedroom suite that overlooked part of the ocean, and was also on a corner where there was a sandy bank with palm trees so we had unique view… the air conditioning in the room soon became my best friend. I was definitely not mentally or physically prepared for the humidity!

Cabo San Lucas Sunrise
One of the views from our room, at sunrise

Cabo San Lucas

As for Cabo the city, I loved every inch of scenery. The only thing I’d change are the locals who stroll up and down the streets and beaches trying to sell everything and anything… and their persistence to do so despite being told “no, gracias.”

Our first day there was spent at the resort bar and pool, we arrived early around 1:30pm (after lots of first class drinks) and quickly gave the mantra, “Mas Tequilas” a legit name. The view from the bar was perfect!

Villa Del Palmar, Cabo San Lucas
View from the bar

On our second day we ventured out to downtown Cabo where we found ourselves slurping down BOGO margarita’s at Cabo Wabo (at 10:30am, don’t judge)… Yes we bought a framed photo and a tank top… again, don’t judge. From there we strolled the streets, and were serenaded by a two man band and eventually found ourselves at The Office on the Beach. This place is by far my favorite restaurant/bar in Cabo. The organic chicken tacos are delicious (so is the local crab!) We went back again a few days later when the tide was high and had lunch while the waves rolled up and over our feet, it was spectacular.

The Office on the Beach, Cabo San Lucas
The Office on the Beach
Chicken Tacos at The Office
Organic Chicken Tacos

Prior to our trip I stumbled upon a restaurant called “El Farallon” at the Resort Pedregal… let me just tell you… If there is only ONE thing you experience in Cabo, let this be it. It was the most amazing dinner experience I have ever had, and there is literally no photo and no words to describe it. It was worth every peso.

Sunset Dinner at El Farallon

When night approached, most of the group wanted to head into town and go to Mandala Night Club, so we joined! Normally not our scene but hey, we like to go with the flow. It was a lot of fun… the getting home at 3am kind of fun. We definitely were not feeling great when we woke up at 7am and started our 3rd day.

Needless to say we spent the day laying low by the pool and taking a nap in our air conditioned room. After grabbing breakfast in town we found a hole in the wall “Spa” called Revive, where Kris, our two friends and I had an hour long messages for $25… can’t beat that! We bowed out early from the resorts “Michael Jackson” show and walked the beach, then laid in the sand and watched the sunset.

Cabo San Lucas Sunset
Cabo San Lucas Sunset

After our day of recovery we were back out and about for the next couple of day, visiting the Marina, more bars/restaurants. The wedding was on Saturday, overlooking the beach… it was beautiful and went perfectly! I wish the bride and groom infinite years of happiness and love.

On our last full day in Cabo, Kris and I decided to do some things we have yet to do… we taxied down to San Jose Cabo and swam with dolphins! It was so much fun, I was a little nervous because I am not a great swimmer but I managed and am thrilled I didn’t miss that opportunity! After dolphin swimming we had lunch and drinks at The Container, an airy outdoor bar… also delicious and a great atmosphere! As the evening went on we boarded a pirate ship that took us out to lovers beach and El Archo at Lands End.

Sunset Cruise on the Buccaneer Queen
Sunset Cruise on the Buccaneer Queen
El Archo at Lands End, Cabo San Lucas
El Archo at Lands End, Cabo San Lucas

“Lands End” as it is called, was given that name due to the fact that if a line was drawn directly away from it, it would not connect to land until it reach the South Pole. It’s a gorgeous and special place that I am happy to have seen up close!

It was truly an amazing trip, but left me tired and in need of rest! We didn’t get home until almost 10pm on Monday night and I busted through the, “lets leave everything in suitcases for a week” feels and got all of our laundry done and put away yesterday… so proud! So today I lounged around and snuggled my cat. Win!

Now I’m looking forward to getting back to my fitness goals, moving on with other summer adventures…. can anyone say Camping!? Yes please! We’ve come to an agreement on our next big trip, Bora Bora beginning of next summer and I am vowing to reach my fitness goals by then. So enough talk and more doing!

Cheers to a life of collecting memories! ✌🏽

Cabo Adventures
Us love birds, I love this man further than the moon…

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