Sunday Lately | 7 

How did a week already fly by? It’s possible that between being sick for several days and a quick two day trip to San Francisco, that this week seems to have barely happened. Yet here it is, another Sunday Lately brought to you by the Blogger Tribe (NicoleMeghanAngelica, and Katy) This weeks prompts are: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being


Even though I normally plan my week on Sundays, I decided to get a head start and took some time last night to update my fitness goals, and workout schedule, and meal ideas. I really need that, because after being sick and taking some time off from working out (plus this summer has taken a toll on my workout regimen and diet) I felt like I really needed to get on top of things. So I took control and feel positive about the next few months of training and ways I can make changes to my food intake. I also re-subscribed to the “Sweat With Kayla” app which makes scheduling workouts easy, effective and she has a menu available too so I can pull from that. Winning!





































That there are still a few weeks left of summer, despite department stores being stocked to the gills with back-to-school clothes and supplies, I refuse to let it get the best of the next few weeks! Can I just get an endless summer now?


To drink more water, I have moments where I drink boat loads of it… than other times I am definitely lacking. Right now I can just feel it in my body… it’s that strange feeling you get inside when you just know your body needs hydrating. Hate that feeling, especially when I know how important water intake is.


Technically I’m not wearing it right now, but my Wantables order is shipping tomorrow! What is “Wantables?” Well it’s all of the things you want, delivered right to your door. In June they sent me 5 fitness wardrobe items… and I was obsessed with every piece and thus far, that is the only issue I have with the service. I literally want it aaaall. Fortunately you can pick all items, or zero items (but you’ll still have to pay a 20 dollar fee for the service, and fortunately you can skip a month as well, so I skipped August because I was afraid I couldn’t resist buying all of the stuff.


Appreciative. Life has been really good lately, and I can’t find words that would truly express how much I appreciate the wonderful things happening in our lives. I feel really lucky (despite also feeling like we deserve to live so fortunately), and that’s a great feeling to have, even if it’s temporary 💕

Hearts Hanging on a seaside tree, El Farralon- Cabo San Lucas


Thought I’d end today’s Sunday Lately post with a Queen B quote… it is Sunday Runday after all, and yes I got in a 5k run, plus an evening walk after dinner!

Running Motivation

Have a great start to the new week, I’ll try and do a Travel Tuesday on our trip to San Francisco also, it was so much fun!

-Beach Body Bliss 🌴

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